Advice please, I have constant numb buttocks and experience a freezing cold back for approx 5 mins at the end of a day.


P.s short ‘n’ sweet as I just wrote a long post for my tab to shut down in the middle of it.

Hi Pauline.

Numbness sounds par for the course with MS, and I’ve not yet heard of a drug that fixes it, because basically it means sensory signals aren’t getting through properly. Although you can dampen down unwanted sensory signals, you can’t replace wanted ones that have gone AWOL - sorry. :frowning:

The cold back sounds as if it fits the category of unwanted sensory signals - which in theory means there might be medication that would reduce it. But would you want to take medication all the time for something that only happens for five minutes at the end of each day? If it was excruciating agony, the answer might be “Yes!”, as five minutes can feel like five hours, but if it’s just a nuisance, I’m guessing the answer’s probably no?

Sorry not to be more help,



hi pauline

i had aching buttocks, very strange when you want to describe it to someone (i’ve got a pain in my bum - that will be your husband then). i saw the neurological physiotherapist at the ms therapy centre,

she showed me a yoga move that worked really well.

it isn’t always practical though because it require me lying flat on my back, which is one of those simple things that i can no longer do easily!

carole x

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Thanks, I hadn’t heard of a freezing back or numb buttocks associated with MS before I started to experience them. I’ve seen the neurologist and she is aware but just asked me where the icy cold feeling was in my back, no other comment, I’m being checked again for possible infections.


Pauline x