Leg numbness

Hi, its been a while since Ive been here. I was diagnosed 10 years ago now after a bout of ON, followed shortly by seizure type happenings affecting my right side during bouts of ice pick headaches. Ten years on, and ive been lucky, just having small issues with numbness in patches on my face, my right arm feeling ‘strange’, with my ice pick headaches every now and again and nothing more serious. But this week, for 2 days so far, I have a feeling of warmth and numbness down the back of my left leg. I tried to call the MS nurses at Coventry University Hospital, only to be told there is no funding and to speak to my GP. Couldn’t get an appointment today, so will fight it out in the morning to try and get an appointment tomorrow. Does anyone have an idea, what meds, if any, I may be offered?


I’m sorry, but there are no meds, that I know of, to treat numbness.

It’s caused by the nerve signals not being able to get through, so whilst it’s possible to dampen down unwanted nerve signals (like pain), I don’t think it’s possible to replace signals that have gone AWOL. If it’s deemed you’re having a relapse (which it sounds like), it’s possible you might be offered steroids, but these only help hasten recovery - they don’t treat symptoms directly. And not all medics are in favour, for non-disabling relapses, as there’s no evidence they improve the long-term outlook, and they do have risks and side-effects.

I’ve successfully managed to avoid them, so far (went several months with numb feet), but I’ve always said I would draw the line if I couldn’t walk or couldn’t see.

I’m certainly not suggesting you shouldn’t go to the doctor’s - somebody needs to be in the picture about what’s happening to you. But don’t expect to come away with a pill that fixes numbness, as I’m not convinced there’s any such thing - sorry.


Thanks Tina,just back from my GP who is going to call the hosp & speak to the neurology team, as she thinks iv steroids will be the answer.

Gosh, it seems crazy that you can’t speak to the neurology team - so go to the GP - who has to speak to the neurology team!

I know it’s not your fault - far from it - but wouldn’t it be quicker and tie up fewer NHS resources if you were allowed to report your concerns to the right department to begin with?

It’s not as if you have no idea what the trouble might be - you’re a diagnosed person! Grrrrr.

As I mentioned, not all hospitals are in favour of steroids for non-disabling relapses. I put up with numbness for a year, but was never offered steroids - which I didn’t mind, because I have a fairly conservative approach to medication generally, and knew there’s no evidence they improve the completeness of recovery - only the speed.

So it depends what the prevailing attitude is at your hospital. In the event they say no, it just means recovery will probably take longer, but not that you’ll be any worse off in the end.



Have you checked your urine for infection? If so antibiotics could help if it’s from a bacterial infection. I have had numbness a few times now from infection and these bouts have each lasted three to five weeks.

I dont think its a water infection as I also think I’m having ms hug symptom too :frowning: although ive never had this before.

I’m going to give oral steroids ago as I need to get over this quickly as in training to cycle to Paris from DiepDieppen July and havent started yet! The funding has dried up for the ms nurses thats why I had to visit the gp :frowning: