Dear All, I haven’t been on the forum for an age sorry, but I am seeking advice now. I struggle to control my body’s temperature and always have a freezing head and butt. It sounds silly but it means that I have to keep sitting in warm baths, x3 per day, and I wear woolly hats (even in the bath). I do a bit of exercise. When I explain it, people think that it is silly but it is truly painful and feels like I am sitting on ice. Does anyone else have similar? Can I do anything? Warmest thoughts Ali

my neuro understood exactly what I was on about.

he even named it and told me which bit of brain was responsible.

Unfortunately another bit of brain doesn’t remember!

I have just broken the golden rule and googled - it’s the hypothalamus.

You need to give your hypothalamus a stern talking to - Hey hypothalamus, my arse is freezing off! My head is too.

It doesn’t sound silly to me or most people on here.

People do not understand MS because they don’t have it.

or they don’t get MS until they get it!

Maybe a heated pad would warm up your bum.

I wear a beanie hat all day, even sleep in it.

very warmest thoughts to keep your bonce warm

Carole x

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Oh, thank you Carole. I now have a name for it and will be describing this to my nurse. Ali x

That my dear CWC is honestly one of, if not, the best posts I’ve read on here. And I’ve read quite a few!


I have a heat pad as it is my back to my bum sometimes gets freezing. it works a treat. lucky my head is ok lol. xx i couldnt sit in a bath i would never be able to get out.

Thank you for this post! Ditto to everything Crazy Chick said. My heating pad has changed my life.

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