Hello, has anybody got problems regulating and maintaining their body temperature?

I have SPMS and following an allergic reaction to an antibiotic for a uti i keep getting

Really really cold. My temperature drops to 34.00 degrees which is hypothermia. My GP is

Running tests but to be honest there are so many things wrong i think sometimes

he thinks i am a hypochondriac!

I read somewhere that lesions in the hypothalamus can cause this.

I would like to know how others manage this condition.

Thanks Mandy

I was admitted to neurology ward for tests back in 3013 the nurse add mining me did the usual tests and checks my temperature was 34 degree she tried another two machines still the same she asked are you feeling cold I wasn’t she got the

Docter he told her this is part off the investigation it’s been like this for a period off time nobody told me and I have no idea

Wether it’s back to normal or not I have lesions on the brain stem and c spine

i get really, really cold even in the house with central heating on. grown up sons and husband all say “it’s not that cold” i say “I AM cold!” i started wearing thermals but if i miss putting them on (for instance if it’s milder that day) i end up shaking like a leaf with cold. perhaps i should buy a thermometer if only to shut those men of mine up!!

Hello Carole, my men are the same; there was a light hearted discussion on Radio 2

Not so long ago ; men vs women, heating down or up; it seems like a common battle between the sexes.

I was feeling unwell anyway so i bought a thermometer. Thats when i realised my

Temperature was getting dangerously low. I even got to the stage where i felt hot

But was actually hypothermic.

I should buy that thermometer if only to prove a point! M