Hot Flushes


Does anyone else on here find it hard to regulate body temperature? I have strong hot flushes that come out of nowhere and feel like my body is on fire to feeling so cold that my whole body shakes uncontrollably.

Also have freezing hands and feet most of the time.

Is this a symptom or something seperate? Sorry, new to MS so am questioning every symptom that is happening in my body!


i told my neuro that my internal thermostat was on the blink.

he understood straight away.

i just cannot regulate my body temperature.

if i get cold it takes ages to warm up and if i get hot ages to cool down.

i end up shivering when everyone else is feeling warm.

sweating when everyone else is cold.

family say “it’s warm”. i say "it might be warm but i am cold"

not much you can do about it except wear layers so you can strip one off and put back on.

Rest of my family just say “you can’t be hot/cold” and I say "the goose pimples/visibly red, hot areas on any part(s) of my body disagree with the room temp. A hot bath/cook shower usually sorts it out. Three a day a bit much though.

Horrid, but nowt else helps.


Maybe get a urine sample checked for any sign of infection too. A uti can play havoc with your body thermostat! :slight_smile:

I’m waiting to see a neurologist for an MS diagnosis. I’ve had problems for many months , mostly with balance and fatigue.

When I told my GP about feeling overheated ( I described it as my core being on fire ) she immediately said she had at last

confirmed her own concerns it was MS. I had previously seen a different GP and it was always a virus … arggg .

its a long wait til my appointment though , January.