i’ve realised that every time I eat or drink, I start to overheat. Although it’s getting colder, I’m spending my days wearing sleeveless tops. I feel as though I’ve a mild sweat going on all the time. It’ll wear off and I’ll feel cold and shivery - put a heater on, something round my shoulders or have a snack and I’m stripping off again. Even short sleeved tops cause me to overheat.

Anyone else like this? Any solutions?


Hi Heather

I have this a lot and have recently had blood test to check hormones, thyroid, blood sugar etc as both my neuro and GP say that MS wouldn’t have this effect on me. All the test came back normal!

I know that it’s my MS that is causing this and my old neuro said it was quite a common thing. It’s like my thermostat is broken so I can’t control my temperature…once I start getting hot I can’t cool down and this will happen even if it’s a cold day. I also get too hot in bed and will wake up with the sheets soaking wet eeeeeeeee!!!

My GP recently put me on tablets that can help with hot flushes and said they might not work but to give them a try…3 weeks in and there’s been no change but if it’s not hormones that’s causing it, I wouldn’t expect them to really.

So for now I continue to wear t-shirts and keep a light jumper handy for when it’s really cold (till I get too hot and have to take it off).

I hope someone else replies with a solution.



Hi Heather

Yes. This is a massive part of MS. It’s called Uhthoffs Phenomenon. It is just as if I don’t have a temperature control and am always hot. So much so that I have a portable air cond machine that is constantly in use day and night.

Shazzie xx

My partner (undiagnosed) is always cold which conflicts with my own age type internal fire which is constantly on!

Is feeling the cold a symptom of MS too?