Ice Cold In Blackheath

I know that heat is an issue for people with MS and I have to say as someone who loves the summer this year’s hot spell has affected me quite badly for the first time since becoming ill with MS in 2010. OK we have not had any real summers to talk about for the past few years and so I wonder if that is the reason but this year’s something really odd is happening. Yesterday i was standing on Blackheath supporting my wife who was in the race for life, the hottest day of the year do far! By 10am the temp was 75 (24ish) with a cooling breeze helping to keep people from totally overheating. However, I was cold, the cool breeze was chilling and i felt ill. i went from being supper heated to cold in the blink of an eye and it stayed that was for almost the whole day. Only when the temperature came down did i start to feel normal again, which at the moment means washed out but at least my body felt the right temp. This is an odd feeling and one that worries me as i wonder if my Hypothalamus is on the blink; does anybody else have such odd feelings?

Hi Jason, yes I do. Often when I get hot I suddenly get very cold… but for me it’s usually the other way round… if I get cold I then get boiling hot!!!

Spoke with MS nurse about it and she said core temperature is being messed up by the MS.

No advice really… just try to stay at a good medium temperature (not easy!).

Pat x

i get this feeling a lot,i know my hypathalamus is damged by a lesion in that area of my brain,i have trouble all the time,but this years been really bad for me.

Ditto everyone…my hypothalamus is just plain weirded out.

I know this is odd but its comforting to know that I am not alone with this. Its the oddest feeling and leaves me feeling ill, like i am coming down with a cold. Trying to explain to someone that I feel cold in the blazing heat while at the same time sweating, its just difficult to explain. It leaves me washed out.

We went on holiday to Norfolk a few years ago, and whilst everyone else was on the beach in their swimming cozzies, I was sat on the prom with my fleece on and a blanket wrapped round me shivering! Inside, in our lounge, it’s 23.5C at the moment. But, I have the French doors open and a nice breeze is blowing in. Guess what? I’m shivering!

Contacted my MS nurse and she managed to get me an appointment yesterday with my neurologist who, i’m lucky to say is very good, and she has arranged for me to have a spinal scan and a blood test for my thyroid. Thats the good news, the bad news is if its not a thyroid problem then it could be more damage in or around my Hypothalamus and there is little that can be done apparently, dont you just love this MS thing, just when you get used to one thing another comes along and slaps you in the head, literally!!!