Hot and cold

Today, taking my son to an appointment at a clinic, the heating was on full blast…having sat for an hour the mix if heat and stress of waiting made me tremor more and my face burn more than normal. Yet on getting home I wassat wrapped in a blanket and eventually a last resort was a bath to warm me up. I seem to get such temperature extremes it’s bizarre. Up until recently, I put it down to an age and menopausal thing when at morning, having a cup of tea, would literally end up making me feel I was going to internally combust! Does anyone else experience such strange temperature phenomena, or is it my age?

Me too and it drives me nuts!

Had blood tests from GP incase it was to do with the fact that I’m female and mid forties!! but all tests negative and further discussions with GP and MS Nurse it was decided that it was my MS and me unable to regulate my body temperative :frowning:



Hi Anon, I get it too and I’m well past menopause.

Spoke to MS nurse about it very recently and she said it is MS causing it. Temperature control thingy in nervous system not doing it’s thing (well those weren’t her words… but that’s what she meant!)… so when I get hot I can’t cool down and when I get cold I can’t warm up. The other thing I get is if I get too cold I then get really boiling hot.

One thing that she advised was to get 100% cotton bedding and nighties… which I have done and it does actually help at night and is worth doing. (Wilkinson’s have got a new 100% cotton bedding collection at great prices).

The thing you get when hot is called Uhtoff’s phonomenon, or sign or syndrome. Basically it means that when you get hot all MS symptoms get worse and some people, inc me, get extra blurry vision.

Hope this helps… at least you now know what it is.

Pat x

I had the hot after a cup of tea thing last year around October, had been suffering other symptoms like dizziness and mild fatigue. But the inability to control my temp is something that has only really happened since my first bout of proper symptoms back in January. I would literally have to walk about the house in a coat for an hour with the heating on full whack, then the heat would get too much and make me feel ill to the point I had to lie down. Seriously, I am cautios as to what summer may bring this year, may have to buy a little fan to accompany my new friend…a red walking stick…what a god send that has been today! Thanks for your advice though, was beginning to think I was entering early menopause…god help us all then haha xxx

In suffer from hot flushes - definately menopausal… but I also suffer from being freezing cold or at least feeling if parts of me - left leg in particular - is absolutely freezing - apparently thats part of the MS (a sensory effect!) - doesn’t explain why my thigh muscles (both legs) refuse to let me walk properly when its very cold outside… its been a particular problem for me this winter but fortunately it appears to be warming up this week! Next I’ll be complaining about the heat!