Aggressive, out of character behaviour...

Hi all :slight_smile:
I am a bit worried about my behaviour after a couple of people( one being my husband, the other my boss) pointed out that I have become aggressive and over react at the slightest thing, which is so unlike me. For example, one of the chefs at work didn’t answer my question immediately and I completely blew up, swearing, shouting and telling him he was pathetic and useless.
After I had calmed down I was mortified and appologised. Thankfully the other chef accepted and we put it behind us. It is not depression as I generally feel my chirpy self. It is just this out of control behaviour.
Is this part of the condition, or am I losing the plot?

Hi Amanda

Have you been dx long or are you waiting in limbo land. No matter which one you are suffering from a lot of mixed feelings at the min. You are not loosing the plot and here are a lot of hints to come to terms with.
Take it easy you are with friends you can talk too.


Hi Amanda,the thing with MS is we now have either very high hyper modes and over the top and laugh at things we shouldnt.

Then we have those very low points were we cannot control our angry outbursts or we cry alot.

I sugest you explain to those around you that your very sorry and you cannot control things properly.They will understand you have problems,I am afraid to say MS messes with our bodies and minds.

I know you cannot help it,it is terrible that we do these things but I am afraid to say we are now stuck with them.

True friends will understand these things.


@ Mike
Dx’d last year althoughneuro suspects I have had it 15 years. Tbh, I never thought I was being like that, and got all defensive when it was pointed out lol
@ Charlie
Sucks all round then lol

Amanda I am afraid to say it but yes.

I wondered why I was either high or low and nothing inbetween so I checked up on it.

As I said say sorry explain to them why it happens and you will try and control yourself,if they have listening ears they will understand.I say sorry many times to things I cannot control..

BUT there is the other side of the coin they need to understand things can be very tuff for you to and you gat stressed and upset easier now.So they should be more carefull how they talk to you it works both ways,they can also be to blame.

Cheer up at least when we happy we are way way happy.


I'm angry the whole time, but put it down to being fatigued, lots of other things going on in life (if I wrote you a list you wouldn't believe what the family has been through in the last year), coping with 3 (sometimes 4) children and a partner who is not always here.  My OH gets the brunt of it but I can be quite short tempered with the kids as well.  I often find I am saying things out loud that I thought I was just thinking.  Can't remember if it was a film or a book but "I've got no internal monologue.

Are you on Avonex as I'm sure someone posted about this not long ago and I think Avonex was the reason.


Thanks for your replies
I don’t take any medication at all. I have an irrational fear of taking anything stronger than paracetamol.

Glad it's not just me then too!


Always getting involved in verbal altecations now.

Slightest thing that I consider to be wrong, and i kick off. Everyone thinks I'm a misery.

Same here. Refused everything that’s been offered over the years (not actually that much tbh) as I’d rather deal with this in my own way, and that is to get angry with it.

I do talk to ‘it’ when I’m sure no one can hear me.

Constant battle going on.

Head v body…

Constant challenges and competitions going on between the two.

Almost like dealing with two seperate individuals

Head has to win or I get extremelly depressed.

New challenge has to be dreamt up then.

Feel like a ruddy dog chasing its tail. AGGHH!

Hi Amanda

I am also glad I am not the only one with a short fuse. The slightest thing makes mego off on one. I have noticed that when I do I get "tingly"all over, cos of the stress. I have a shrink, but only seen twice.
Take it easy



Yes, sadly this happens to me too, im getting myself into trouble at work, with friends and family, and my poor boyfriend! I flipped and kicked him out the car the other day. My new manager at work drives me mad, in the past i would have the patience to deal with it and wouldnt let things get to me. Not the case anymore! Eek!


thank god, I thought it was just me, every now and then I react big time to the most silliest things, just something else for us to cope with, take care, Jean x

Good Lord, I thought I was the only one with a short fuse, I was diagnosed 10 days ago, lots of mixed emotions going on here, although it kind of explains a whole bunch of stuff thats been going on over the past few years.


Hi mo jo 500

Have you been given contact details of ms nurse. On dx a month ago the neuro gave me her number. Seen her once but she asked if I wanted to see a shrink or councellor as I told her ow. Was. I now have a shrink working with me on my fear/concerns/dx
They will help
take it easy

HI Mike, yeah I have spoken to MS nurse on the phone, just waiting now on appointment with new consultant, should be next month sometime. I am off work at the moment and dont know when I will be able to face going back, I am an emotional wreck, not too good when you are a nurse, lol. I think my most recent relapse is on the mend, most of the symptoms are almost gone. MS nures told me not to get too stressed, hard not too at the moment. trying to keep busy, but not going too well, FATIGUE is the feeling that comes to mind......

How are you getting on at counselling?


your not the only one. Since about 2 months before my DX last year i started to becom very agressive. Never violent but i have found myself shouting and swearing over nothing i have found myself using words that im not going to type but have never used in my life. It ultimatly ended up costing me my job wich is now proving to be a nightmare as they wont give me refrences and it has already cost me 2 jobs that i have bean offered. And its not as if i can skip them out on app forms becasue i can explain why iv not worked the last year but not the 4 before that.
I am on no DMD’s what so ever at the moment but neuro said it will be due to the swellings on my brain. Its bad because i feal like my personality has changed and i hate the person i have become.

I feel like a bad mother, wife and a rubbish friend. Can you not explain to your previous employer the reasons for your behaviour and maybe they can reasses your references.


-me too, in fact before I was first diagnosed got labelled as having psychiatric issues because I was so hostile.  I was coping with being told I may indeed have a brain tumour, then my world turned upside down when my vision went in my left eye and I would shake and my right side went weak.


Even today my neuro & friends think Im slightly mad, although those who really know me realise Im not my normal self, and in most cases other things have been diagnosed - hence frustration at being ignored for a long time.




I hope it sorts itself out, my friends and family now know why I have been a bit strange for the last wee while, and hopefully with support from them it will keep me sane (ish).

I just feel releived to know that I am not going out of my mind.