Aggressive, out of character behaviour...

Behaviour problems can be part and parcel of MS.
My GP has the label “Emotionally Labile” on my medical records. I have been seeing a specialist Neuro psychiatrist who specialises in mental health problems and people with MS for the last 6 years.
I do get prescribed medication (Risperidone) to help me cope with what I see as the idiots of the world but I must say when I don’t have people around me who wind me up I find I can cope without it.
People who know me well know that it is out of character and I usually give people a hand out relating to mental health problems and MS when they get to meet me so they understand.
I have also learnt to apologise to people when my behaviour is out of character.

It all comes down to how we react and if we can climb down after.

Yeah I think that is a really good way of putting it.



I feel like a bad mother, wife and a rubbish friend. Can you not explain to your previous employer the reasons for your behaviour and maybe they can reasses your references.


[/quote] i did try but they didnt buy it. I have now found some info wich i have printed off and spoken to my uncle who is soliciter. He is going to send them a letter stating the facts of the situation ie they stop being “choice swear word” or we are going to pull them to bits in court

It’s cause life is so hard and people don’t understand. I get very angry at times. People are very tiring but being alone is lonely. Sometimes I’m so grateful to be left alone to rest and other times I don’t understand why no one visits.



I have no idea what happened to my last post lol. What I meant to quote was anonymouse being prescribed medication to help cope with ‘the idiots of the world’…oh how I can relate…and thankyou for givi g me a massive bellylaugh! Xx

Not diagnosed but I have been alarmed at how irritable I now get with my kids. However, you might also consider other medical causes. For example, I have developed diabetes II, and this and other illnesses can also lead to irritable aggressive outbursts.