After first neurological appointment

x still not 100 % but a step closer,
my neurologist was lovely, was in with him just over 40 mins
Full history and full examination, results from today is;
My right leg has significant disability and weakness
My left is less so
My left pupil is larger than the right so he is investigating this futher
He sent of some more bloods which I done today after leaving appointment
My chances of Ms is 50/50
He’s booked in brain and neck mri
He’s booked in nerve testing for the brain and spine
And he has a bet on it that it structural, which is worrying as in dec when they suspected a slipped disc the spinal Dr dismissed me and said it is circulation,
I’ve googled the bigger left pupil and it said that it is a possible sign of either one of these…Ms, eye nerve tumour, brain tumour, or an eye problem can’t remember the name but it is a sign of spinal cord compression or damage, or syphillis,
So alot of worrying still but a relief to be listened too, and he said I wasn’t going crazy, which was nice to hear x

I go back in November which seem like ages away, but with the tests in between I’m hopping it will fly by, x x x

Hello Heidi

Sounds like you are close to answers. It is good you are being listened to .

in the meantime try not to worry , hard as that is !

kat x

P.s good luck with tests etc . Keep us updated :slight_smile: x

Hi heidi so pleased your neurologist was lovely sounds like he was very thougher which is good now you know that there is definatley somthing and you wont feel like your going mad.Wish you well with everything hun try not to worry (easier said than done) hope the tests go okay x

Thank you guys, sounds weird, just a relief to be listened to, and action is being taken to come to a form of diagnoses.

this site has really helped with a few good online friends to talk to,

thank you x x

Can i just ask heidi where do you start with the medical history side of things do you have to go back to your childhood and illnesses youve had or just when your symptoms began.

I gave weird symptom list dating back to jan 14, to my Dr when I was referred, he asked if I could remember of anything in previous years, I couldn’t honestly remember anything. Without guessing, so I assume as far back as you remember I would think Hun, maybe write it down and then your have a mental note when asked x

hope this helpsx

have you an appointment approaching sparky x

Just waiting for the date been told should hear by end of july.thanks heidi x

Best of luck sparky, x x please let me know how things go x x

I’m glad your neurologist took the time with you, I saw mine on friday and he basically went through all the tests I’d had and then said you’ve got MS, quite abrupt really, gave me a prescription and said someone will be in touch, not quite what I was expecting after being told you had MS

Crikey that was abrut he could of been more sympathetic with sorry to hear about your diagnoses ive not seen the neurologist yet.good luck and wish you well hun x

Thanks hopefully the MS nurse will be abit more understanding and symathetic

Jimbob, I’ve had a similar experience today, I have just been diagnosed. Got offered no nurse, no leaflets, no support just see you in 6 months. I emailed him when I got home because I started questioning whether he had diagnosed me or not. Whether I had misunderstood. Then he asked if I wanted to speak to the MS nurse in an email. Hopefully she will be more empathetic! I think, neurologists, what they have in brain function they lack in social skills :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m sorry you had a abrupt diagnoses jimbob, can I ask did you have mri prior to being diagnosed. I do hope you get both emotional and treatment support in the future Hun x

all the best x

heidi x

It’s unfortunate familiar story concerning neurologists, (as I have read on here) I hope you get the support you need zombiesquirrel x

Thanks Heidi, when the MS nurse contacts me I may have a bit more of an idea of my options :slight_smile: x

It is strange, ive spoke to several people who have been diagnosed and got the full hit, nurologist, nurses, GP’s and pharmacists, yet like you Zombiesquirrel another friend of mine who got the same symtoms as me at the same time went to a different hospital and was offered nothing, like you ill see you in 6 months, very strange how different hospitals operate so differently

Its a time when I want definitive answers and proactive responses from my neurologist. I feel isolated and like I have no medical support at this point, when I need it so I can understand. I wish everyone good experiences with their specialists!

Heidi, your neurologist sounds thorough, hope you have a better experience than myself and Jimbob should you get an MS diagnosis x

There are some neurologists out there in serious need of people skills training, aren’t there?! My diagnosis appointment was a bit like that - this is what it is, this is why, bye! After a couple of days of feeling awful, I phoned the hospital switchboard and asked to be put through to the MS nurse, and she more than made up for the consultant - have had very long, thorugh chats and appointments with her and she has gone through everything in much more detail. Apparently the nurse would have been in touch, I just beat her to it.

Thats reassuring fuzzball. I will wait patiently (no pun intended) for the MS nurse to be in touch :slight_smile: