Afraid and need advice

Hi, I am 26 usually healthy female. I had an MRI 8 months ago that came back unremarkable. I had the MRI b/c I was getting a strange sensation on my forehead that lasted acouple of months. That weird feeling had happened to me once before for a couple of months years ago. Both times it just eventually went away on its own. So as of 3 days ago I am feeling a different sensation on the tip of my nose. It sort of feels like something is on my nose, like a hair or something. It is not painful but it is annoying. I did some online research and MS came up as a possibility. What do you think? Does this sound like an MS symptom? Please help, I am feeling very anxious. Please forgive any ignorance on my part as I am new to this. Thank you.

I am bumping this. Can anyone help :(.

hi heath

i really hope it isnt ms for you.

has anyone talked you through the results of your mri?

ask your gp if he/she can help.

neurological conditions make us feel like strange things are landing on us or even burrowing under the skin.

take care and be kind to yourself.

have as much rest as you need/want.

carole x