Does this sound like MS? Please help!

Hello, I posted here a couple of weeks ago when I was having an odd nose sensation (feeling like something was on the tip of my nose, when nothing was there). My doc atested this senstaion to stress/ anxiety. I am planning a wedding in a month and mkaing a big move. Since that doc visit I have had body tingles on my arms and torso. Its that feeling that a bug is on you or something. I rub or itch the area and itll go away. The odd thing is this sensation only occurs when where my clothes touch. Like if i am wearing short sleeves, I dont get the sensation on my arms. I also dont really feel it when I am in bed or sleeping. So that being said I wonder if I should push my doc into giving me an MRI or if I should attest this to stress and anxiety? Please help! Thanks- H

Hi, I wonder if you planning a big day and moving are the cause of your tingles. I doubt, but could be wrong, a GP would do an MRI without more symptoms.

My advice is to wait until after the wedding and move are all done andthen if the tingles are still happening, see a GP again.


Thank you. To make matters worse, I had a blurry spot in my eye for like 5 minutes today. It cleared up but the onset was so sudden. I’m afraid it was optic neuritis.

New to this site so looking for any kind of help. I am convinced my partner (male aged 40) has MS. He has all possible symptoms such as - pain and weakness in both legs, burning sensation in both feet particularly in the bath, extreme fatigue, blurred vision, muscle weakness in general, weak grip, clumsyness, forgetfulness, lack of co-ordination, sexual dificulties, micturition, emotional and weepy and more… He has been like this for over a year (at least) and the GP is currently treating him for diabetes and high blood pressure. He has seen a podiatrist who said the pains in his feet relate to nerves and did not feel they were related to his diabetes. I wrote to the GP a year ago as I was so worried and listed all his symptoms. He is unable to express himself to his GP (female) and therefore does not give her the full picture. How can I, or his behalf push for further testing for MS?

Thanks in advance

Hi heath8904, have another chat to your GP & ask to be refered to ma neuro. MS is so variable that it would be impossible for anyone other than a neuro to tell you what’s happening, try not to worry, stress may well make your symptoms worse. Go ahead with the weddng plans & have a great day! Once you’ve seen a neuro & he has all the test results he may be able to know what’s going on, be prepare for a very long wait though, any dx for MS could take many months.

Good luck, Rosina

Hi Kazza, your partner needs to talk with his GP, perhaps you could be present to help him? Ask to be referred to a neuro, lots of tests will need to be done before the neuro an can make a dx. MS is very difficut to dz, so be prepared for a wait.