Concerned about possible MS symptoms

Hi, this is my first post but I’ve been reading some posts for the last few days.

My situation is this, for over 2 months now I’ve had bother with feeling dizzy. My GP has said it is labyrinthitis, however, I’ve also had strange tingling/numb sensations in my feet and my nose. Now my right leg in particular feels numb and weirdly when I scratch my ankle, my toes tingle. These sensations are making me concerned my problem is neurological rather than to do with an ear problem. My GP has just said she doesn’t know why my nose feels numb but to come back in a month if I’m still having problems.

I’ve also been bothered for about 5 years with odd random prickly sensations in my skin that seem to come and go and can occur anywhere on my body. GP just dismissed this tho.

I would like to go private but seem to need a GP referral.

So really, I suppose I’m keen for thoughts/advice on my symptoms and how to go about getting help privately if any of you have successfully done this without a referral.

Thanks folks.


Hi Minnie,
Sorry tot hear about your symptoms. I got a number of symptoms including dizziness.
Write your symptoms down, when they start and go. Then go back to your Dr and ask if you can be referred to a neurologist. Then they may do lots of tests, stabbed me all over to see where my numbness was. They may refer you for an MRI.
Ask lots of questions.

Let us know how you get on.

Thanks for your reply Goldrat. Worrying about these symptoms is taking its toll on my mental health too. I don’t think I’ll have much joy with my GP. I’ve also had spells of feeling like my body is really heavy which will come and go. I told my GP about this but I made the mistake of telling her that I googled about the numbness in my nose and she wasn’t too impressed.

I explained that I’m concerned about neuropathy or MS but because when I originally contacted the surgery it was for dizziness and nausea, she is still thinking it’s labyrinthitis. but I doubt that would cause these weird numb feelings. I have found a local private GP and have booked a phone consultation with him at 10.30 on Friday. I will ask him to refer me to a neurologist.

Thanks again for responding to me.


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hi there,my wife works in a doctors and she says you should find a neuroligist who you want to see in your area and then ask your doctors to refer you to see them and they have to refer you, if they try to put you off just tell them about your new symptoms.
i had to go private myself after the results of my first mri came back,which took around 6 months from initial appointment to getting the results, and they said there was nothing to worry about, went private saw the same neurologist as nhs he said he had only seen my scan that morning as he saw my name on his private appointment list said it wasnt the scan he asked for so thats why it was unconclusive so advised me to have another scan which they did the following week and got the diagnosis 2 days later that nobody wants but if i hadnt had the second scan i might still be being fobbed of by the nhs.
cost me £1200 quid though :scream: or it cost my parents 1200 quid. bless them.

Hi Andy, thanks for the info. Sorry about your diagnosis and that it took going private to get there. Hearing how you were let down by the NHS scan first time reinforces my wanting to go private. I’m increasingly feeling numb. Now my whole right side feels weird. Even up to my face and ear. Really scary.

I will definitely push the GP I’m talking to tomorrow to help me. I’m in a bit of a panic now. :worried: