confused and worried

Hi all,

Over the last 4 months and have had symptoms for weakness in my right arm and tingling/numb hand with forgetfulness, painful headaches, strange sensations in my right leg.

I have seen a general physician who has consulted with a neurologist and I was sent for a head mri, it showed 1 7mm lesion in my brain. I went for my results yesturday and was examined, it turns out that I can’t touch my nose with my right hand when my eyes are closed as well as other things.

The general physician is now referring me to a Prof. Webster in Aberdeen and said that I will be now sent for nerve tests and a lumbar puncture and a neurological examination.

what will be involved in these tests and what is the likely hood of this being MS?


HI Saz,

It sounds like a worrying time for you, I hope you are ok.

I am currently going through the diagnosis process and have only had MRI and neurological examinations - no nerve tests or LP. Hopefully someone will be along to help you with some info on those.

Re the neuro exam, mine consisted of tests where the neuro looked at the way I walk, whether I could touch my nose with my eyes closed (missed with both hands!!). There were also several tests to check my reflexes and how my eyes move. Nothing to be worried about with the exam though, it is all painless.

Obviously all neuros are different people, and therefore may perform examinations differently, but hopefully that gives you some idea.

There are lots of conditions which ‘mimic’ MS, so it’s hard to say what they are looking for. But as you’re testing sounds similar to mine and certainly lots of people on here, there’s a strong possibility that MS is one of the things they are looking at.

I hope this helps and that someone else comes along too to give you some more info on nerve tests and LP

PG xx

Hi Saz, just want to let you know, the lumber puncture really isn’t that bad. The worst bit of the whole procedure, for me, was the low pressure headache that came afterwards BUT that doesn’t happen to everyone! Drinking copious amounts of coffee after the LP can help reduce headache too