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Does anyone know what happens after your employer has made all the reasonable adjustments they can and you still can’t do the job . I work in housekeeping and its killing me . I spend more time off sick than at work which I hate . There’s no other departments or things I can do within the business and I’m a single parent with a 5 Yr old so I need the benefit help I get too . Iv spoken to so many people from citizens advice to disability advisor and non have given me anything to go on other than look for another job , I got intouch with my local ms group twice but they never ring back . I’m at a loss as to what to do .
Thanks in advance

I posted this somewhere else on here and lost it :unamused: still getting to grips with the new forum so apologies if u have already seen it

Well, I know quite a bit about Employment Law. You will have a contract with your employer to work x hours per day for y days per week. Clearly, you cannot fulfil your contract. Rather than rant on, take a look at these links : Dismissal: your rights: Reasons you can be dismissed - GOV.UK

Disability rights: Employment - GOV.UK.

If you are in a Trade Union they can give advice.

Depending on who the company is, it wouldn’t make good reading for the company. You can be dismissed if your disability means you cannot do your job even with reasonable adjustments.You can be dismissed if your disability means you cannot do your job even with reasonable adjustments

Good luck😀

Thank you for your reply , tbh I’d rather go its a horrible place where even my manager makes comments about how there’s nothing wrong with me and the other staff slag me off about being lazy and how I’m not as bad as I make out etc…

Yes, I’m afraid that’s typical these days, especially in many Supermarkets and Call Centres. The managers are the worst culprits. Have I given you enough information, if not just post again with any questions, and I’ll do my best to help.

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It sounds to me that you may qualify for one or both of the mobility and care components of Personal Independent Payment.See the eligibility requirements at Personal Independence Payment (PIP): Eligibility - GOV.UK. I can also send you some guides I’ve written on this as I used to be the Disability Member on PIP and DLA Appeals.


Sorry for the late reply , u have been more than helpful and informative , I have tried to claim pip twice and both times was a trauma to day the least . I apparently score nothing for anything and found that when I spoke to the adviser in the face to face she basically wrote the opposite of everything I said . The mind boggles !! My ms nurse is the same , I tell her things and when the report comes through it always says I’m OK and having no problems :woman_shrugging:

Maybe you should change jobs. I pity the employer who made all the conditions so that you could be successful and work with pleasure. Some people have to put up with an employer who is too demanding. I think you should change your job to one where you don’t have to interact with people. Start your own business, install software, get clients and work. In the same way you can work for a company where you have to be able to develop applications, etc. It’s a very profitable and interesting field. Plus you can get more skills because it will be easier for you since you’re an introvert and it’s hard for you to be in contact with people all the time.