Advice on symptoms?

Just wondering if you lot could advise me on something? It’s been almost 3 years now and I’ve continuously been diagnosed with “just a UTI” and some antibiotics. I’ve been told recently, that I’ve never had this UTI to begin with according to my tests. They suspected it was something to do with my kidneys and carried out an ultrasound, my kidneys looked fine apparently. I’ve been getting back pain, neck/jaw spasms, random bruising, confusion and altered sensations such as; pins and needles, numbness and crawling on my skin. Tonight, I experienced breathlessness and severe pains in both of my sides, felt as if something was moving inside of me. I’m young, dumb and not sure what to do next lol. Many thanks :slight_smile: xx


i saw this post yesterday but was feeling quite befuddled so decided to spare you the ramblings of someone “old, dumb and not sure if i make sense”.

get back to your GP and tell him/her that your symptoms have never gone away.

don’t say that you think it’s ms, the doctors prefer to listen then decide if any further tests are needed.

make sure s/he knows that it is distressing you.

GPs are rarely aware of neurological problems.

mine was because he enjoyed the part of his training which covered this.

remember that it is your body and you know that something isn’t right.

if there are a lot of doctors at your surgery, try a different one until you find one who is willing to listen.

ask if your bloods can be checked for B12 and D3 deficiencies because these can cause weird symptoms.

hope you can find a doctor who listens and is willing to help.

carole x