Has anyone had similar symptoms?

Hi everyone,

im new here and I’m mum to Hannah who is 19yrs old.

For the past 2yrs Hannah has has recurrent urinary tract infections which have lead to kidney infections and lots of hospital admissions. She would get classic symptoms of stingy, burning wee and lower loin pain over her right kidney and vomiting.

In March this year she went into urine retention, and has been unable to urinate to this day. Tests have shown she has no muscle or nerve activity in her bladder at all and is unlikely to get it back again. Doctors are at a total loss as to why this has happened and have said they see it in older patients, mainly men with prostate problems, or older patients with MS or Parkinson’s.

About the same time as she went into retention, along with her frequent symptoms of infections, came dizzy spells and terrible sickness. She gets so dizzy she can’t stand and can’t hardly see.

She is under Urology doctors who are baffled by her symptons.

She also has numbness at the top of her right leg which is constant.

She has been referred to a neurologist and MS has been mentioned. She goes for a detailed brain/spinal MRI at the Walton centre in liverpool in the next 2weeks

I just wanted to know if any of her symptons ring a bell with anyone?

Thank you for reading.

If you look at the symptom information on this site, it might help. Having said that, there are a limited number of neurological symptoms for many different conditions, so best to wait for the neurologist. I hope your daughter’s appointment arrives soon. All the best to both of you.