Advice is it ms?

I have said before that my daughter she 22 has been in out of hospital since February this year with uti . Anyway a few times doc has mentioned could be ms. She was admitted in July as went blind n paralysis down left side for five days they did head mri n no lesions were presents so at that time they thought was her chronic migraines that did it. She has had bout we’re it goes numb n weak and has shakes in legs . Urologist said he can’t find a urological reason why she in so much flank pain and told us get neurologist see her so I’ve been arguing with gp to do a referral and they wouldn’t so I took her today see gp and ends up they had meeting yesterday and reviewed her symptoms and had done the referral as they now think it is ms. So she has had a catheter in for five weeks now as she was retaining wee plus was going 50 times a day just for a dribble. She going twok next week but they think she going fail already . So do use think it is ms she got and would the migraines she has had since child be connected?? So I’m still fighting just for both hubby n daughter now yay xx


If your daughter had an MRI in July based on her symptoms which she had at the time affecting her eyes and paralysis on one side which showed no lesions, then it doesn’t sound like it is MS. The fact that she was experiencing quite severe symptoms at the time when she had a brain MRI would have shown up demyelinating lesions at that time.

The GP might think it’s MS causing her symptoms, but the GP cannot diagnose MS, only a neurologist can diagnose it. And only then after an appointment when she goes through all her symptom history, does a physical examination and arranges for MRI tests and maybe a lumbar puncture. Without clinical evidence, the neurologist is unable to diagnose MS.

So, while it could possibly still be MS, until she’s seen a neurologist and had further tests, you can’t rely on her getting a diagnosis of MS.

If she did get an MS diagnosis, I doubt it would be connected to childhood migraines. But it’s possible maybe that the migraines were an early indication of something different. It’s quite possible that the neurologist will be able to diagnose something other than MS from her symptoms and physical exam.

I imagine that your feelings are all over the place at the moment, with your husband and daughter both having problems. And MS would be right at the front of your mind because of him and the awful time he’s had (I hope his trouble this week has now improved!).

It does sound like your daughter (and you of course) will have to wait until the neurologist sees her to get any further with diagnosis.

All the best.


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I suppose no lumber puncher or evoked potentials tests were done???

Sorry for late reply daughter had mri on spine 17th December so waiting on results now. No she not had any of them tests but will ask next time see Neuro doc thanks