Advice - CBD oil

Went into my local Holland & Barratt the other day and purchased some CBD Oil as it was on offer. Not used it yet… Any of the group tried it? Good or bad… If it helps and its herbal, surely worth a go.

Thanx… G

What strength is the oil?

you need to take to take 10% or over for it to work

2.75%… any good? G

Yep, you need a high strength CBD, and even then you need to build it up in your system. I tried 1000mg in a 10ml bottle, 5 droplets under the tongue gave aprox 25mg .

Most of these oils are bulked up with basic hemp seed oil, hence why you need to go for a higher % of pure CBD.

The product I bought was £55 per bottle.

I dont think I tried it for long enough, so didnt feel any effects from it.

This link (if mods dont remove it shows the dosages on the 1000mg 10ml bottle .

I wouldnt waste my money on cheaper and probably weaker CBD oil.

I’m not saying buy the one I tried, just go for a good strength one is my opinion.

I use “High Concentration CBD purple paste - 16.4%” . Moderator would probably not like an advert so I will just say it’s CBD produced by siblings! Check it out on-line.

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Its hard to know to be honest as CBD is being pushed and the strength will be the key - I tried it and found no benefit but it probably wasn’t strong enough.

I’m taking the siblings’ green extract, and I think it is helping with my spasticity. I’m building it up very slowly, I’m on two drops a day - I only need to be able to bend my knee enough to get in and out of the shower/bed without help. I tried Baclofen, but it’s too efficient, I couldn’t trust one leg to support my weight, so was really struggling with steps.

Loving the ‘siblings’ reference! I joined the CBD Facebook group.It’s very informative. I haven’t used anything yet but think that the amount of content on it is almost overwhelming!


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