Advice about relocating and support for MS

As part of long-term planning for impact of PPMS on my mobility in the future, and impact on finances (ie loss of my income) we plan to move elsewhere in UK, where property is more affordable and we can buy something which either has or can be adapted for level access and ground floor bedroom/bathroom.

Likely to move from South Warwickshire in the next 2-3 years, as we want to have time to identify possible areas

I would welcome suggestions of alternative locations with good quality NHS support.

i was diagnosed with PPMS a year ago, but likely to have been undiagnosed for at least 4 years before that.


Try elsewhere in Warks? I’m in Rugby, or head to Nuneaton / Atherstone. You’d still have continuity for most things without the Stratford / Leamington prices.

I’ve thought about moving too, as currently considering a wetroom, kitchen (well, that’s my wife’s project) and even a lift. It’s a lot of dead money to spend on specialised stuff when it may be more cost-effective to move to a more suitable property, even within the same locality. Also need to kick a few of the kids out too!

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Thanks for advice. Fortunately both my children are grown up and no longer at home, so that isn’t an issue!!

Well I suppose it comes down to budget, a for the property and b.the work if needed and who knows in 2-3 years? We would and couldstay here if not for HS2 and and demolition. And who knows if it even going to happen! It’s supposed to be running now! So we are looking. Seen one that has a paddock at the bottom of the garden. Needs loads of work anyway, not to worry,Out of our price range even just leaving it as it is!:joy:

Staffordshire.countryside,beautiful! as is where we live at the moment!

Ugh, I hate to be the voice of doom but I live in a “cheap” area and what we are seeing is a huge influx of pensioners quickly requiring increasing social care services.

Unfortunately because people are buying up these cheap houses, it’s pricing out those who DO the caring… so make sure you do your research in that respect.

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