Adult disability payment

Just a quick update, have just been awarded the enhanced payment for both parts. That’s a worry off my mind

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Excellent news :sunglasses:

I’ve just been transferred over to ADP from PIP without any problems. I’ve still been awarded Enhanced for both elements. At least the Scottish Governments benefit system seems to be treating us MS’rs with the respect that we deserve. x x


Great news

That’s great news as it really helps with the added living costs and takes some of the worry away. Well done

I’ve just been denied enhanced living part, again and no mobility part again after a redetermination.

I’m now meeting with an advocate to help and apply for change of circumstance.

Evening all, I have not used the forum for a while, but does anyone know how long adult disability reviews are taken? My review started in December and they received by signed declaration in January to confirm no changes. ADP are not able to give me a timescale. The waiting on a decision is making me so unwell, which is impacting my MS boohoo x