Adrenaline rush and vibrations

This follows on from my other vibration and tremors post. I went through a stage of feeling numb on the skin surface, especially the left side. I had and still have various nerve and numbing issues in my arms but they are intermittent depending on what I’m doing during the day. The majority of the numbing subsided into sporadic pains and aches with mild cramping in different parts of the body throughout the day (hitting ankle, arms, hands, eye, tongue, neck… etc…). My left leg still feels like it’s about to cramp but without the pain and doesn’t quite get there. This then subsided after two weeks and then I started getting vibrations and mini muscle twitches and what I call tremors but appreciate that might be an extreme term and not what others call it. However, in various positions my arms were moving ever so slightly only it felt worse than it looked. Again the worst of of it lasted two weeks but now into the fourth and although these have subsided a lot but I get what feels like adrenaline rushes - I’m not sure that’s the right term either, but as if I’m suddenly scared / anxious / almost like a butterflies feeling but not, I can’t explain it, it’s really weird and this exacerbates the shakes. I understand this could all be anxiety but I don’t feel anxious about anything and I haven’t got anything to be anxious about. Well apart from being referred to the neuro for possible Ms but generally if there are no symptoms, I am absolutely worry free! I don’t know why I’m typing this, I suppose I just need to throw these thoughts out there in hope someone says, yes, I have that… but appreciate so many things are the same in terms of symptoms. I’m just trying to make sense of very weird feelings that have taken over my body and I’m getting fed up with being alone with my own thoughts and not being able to chuck them out.

hi JS, I can relate to that feeling. I have a very strong internal tremor most of the time, like a hive of bees lives inside me but I do some times get the rush you mention. Usually its when I wake up but can happen at other times.

I don’t think its anxiety for me, but I wondered if it might be hormone surge, being a woman of a certain age

We all have a range of strange symptoms here, and some can be hard to work out but I’m glad you found us, feel free to outpoor you frustrations, loads of supportive understanding people here

Bunny xx

Thanks for the reply Bunny Mine is a surge but without the increased heart rate and stuff you’d expect with anxiety. Even just walking down the stairs it hits. I’ve contemplated hormones lots of times as I have so many other symptoms that could fit under that umbrella. At the moment I’m trying to keep myself as relaxed as possible - very calm breathing, and colour checking (looking at particular objects of a certain colour) to take my concentration from it when it happens. Currently just trying to get through with the headache I’ve had for three days. Sometimes it’s a couple of days, other times a week, longest was six weeks with it lingering but kept at bay - that also started off the tinnitus which never went. ho hum I’m sure I’ll be told I’ve got anxiety or are all symptoms of migraine, but afraid of being fobbed off with the easy options with thorough investigation. I don’t want anything serious but at the same time need to have my mind put at ease. Seven weeks until Neuro :slight_smile: