Adrenaline & Stress! 8)

Hi all!

I received a very slightly confrontational message earlier - and as I started to read it I had the most amazingly strong adrenaline rush!!!

That was 1 hour ago - I'm now sitting here with a headache from hell starting - brain fog - my legs have gone stiff and painful & I feel totally boiling hot and washed out after it!

Does anyone else get this????


I have no medical knowledge of if your pituitary has anything to do with adrenaline but if it does I think its something that you should add to your notes because of the enlargement.. and track if it happens again.If it does I would run it passed your gp as adrenaline is vital in the body response tools but it should carefully regulate itself to appropriate amounts.

Guess I should of googled it first but dont like the thought of another distressed person due to comments

If im miles off ignore me


Thanks Pip xx that's exactly why I was asking xxx I'm trying to pin down what symptom is related to what problem lol x the endocrinologist says a lot of my symptoms could be to do with the Pituitary enlarged but some aren't typical

The neuro says a lot of them could be due to MS - especially lesions in the upper spine - but some aren't typical!

They both say they think I have more than one thing going on - probably autoimmune xxx jenxxxx

PS who is distressed? message me xxxx

I meant you you daft mare!!!!

Eww!!! waa haaa haaa!!!! happyxxxxx

I know what you are describing. I'm not yet diagnosed with MS, so no idea if it's related - but this happens to me at every sign of upset.  I get so bad that I shake visibly and my heart starts POUNDING like crazy.  It takes several minutes to wind down afterwards, and almost always ends up with me having a headache and my gut feeling wobbly.

Example:  I had a customer in my store last week.  She came in guns blazing -- She bought something at another store (we're a chain of 15 stores total).  She was unhappy with the product.  Nothing to do with me, my store, or the way I manage my staff.  Theoretically, it should have been easy to not get upset. She wasn't unhappy with ME or my store - just the product she bought elsewhere.  Because of her attitude and how forceful she was, however, I immediately start shaking and I can hardly talk.  My heart is pounding, I can't think, and it took AGES to calm down again.  STRESS does not cover the feeling. 

I'm normally not a 'stressful' person.  I'm pretty cruisy and laid-back.  But for some reason, I seem to get these HUGE rushes of adrenaline even when un-called for.  It's like my fight or flight response goes into overdrive.  Hmmm... you've given me something to think about.  I never thought to ask a GP about this... I just figured I was being a bit of a wimp.

Hi Jen,

Yes, I get it too.  Sometimes for absolutely no reason. Its blooming awfull, and I feel dreadfull afterwards.  It doesn't seem to be simply linked to stressfull situations, just random really! 

Hope you're feeling a bit better now xx


I sometimes get this too, not had it for a while feels like I'm about to literally 'boil over'...not a good feeling. The only thing is, if I went to my GP he would probably say that it was anxiety...letdown


Wendy. I knew nothing about your enlarged pituitary I thought it was time to look it up. No wonder you have so much going on and so many consultants all with their views.

I hope when you get feedback from last weeks visits you get a treatment plan and dont end up with all of them not wanting to tread on each others toes as it were.

If I remember you are not getting any symptom relief during investigations as your gp is waiting on the consultants say so aswell.......I take my hat off to you especially with the funnies you add to this forum.


Hi Guys! Glad (well not glad really for your sakes!x) that others are experiencing thisx

Thanks Pip for looking x it's a bit scary & a bit daunting - I just can't wait for them to finish all the tests and give me something - anything!!! that will help me! 

My GP's are great - they have made themselves available whenever I need them - on call basically! LOL I was seeing one or the other pracically twice a week at first - then it went to phonecalls whenever things were getting bad - now I'm not bothering them apart from sick papers.

I'm coping - I'm not coping - I'm coping - I'm not coping! I feel so ill all the time - though how bad changes everyday - I'm crying regularly as I get to the point where I feel can't take anymore - then I'm up again to the point where I'm a little bit better and that makes all the difference x

It's horrible because it's gone on so long  - but we have to get on with it - we don't have much choice do we? xxxjenxxxhappyflower

We do have to get on with it and we do, don’t we? But it doesn’t make it any easier either, does it?

Just make sure you speak to us on here if you need to let off steam about it. That doesn’t help your symptoms but it helps you to get through it. I hope!

Just keep going Jen and look after yourself as much as you can,

Thinking of you,

Teresa xx