Concerned that i have MS

HI everyone,i am worried i have ms this past 6 months have been truly stressful for me i do suffer with health anxiety alot and i feel the doctors are putting my symptoms down to that stress and anxiety i have seen 3 different doctors to whome all put it down to the stress ive been through but i dont see how these can be stress symptoms…the worst is body trembling this is happening internally (unvisable from the outside) for the past month and a half from the moment i wake to the moment i go sleep it just feels like my whole body is vibrating.other symptoms are balance is abit off and numbness in my finger tips and aches in the back of my legs.i wake up every morning hoping the shakes will dissapear to no avail it is causin me anxiety and has stopped me doing things id usually do i hardly leave the house because of i say the doctors keep saying its stress and anxiety but i dont see it.thoughts?

Sounds like symptoms of anxiety if you ask me.

Still getting these feelings my body will vibrate then stop then start up again this is happening every second im awake and feels like my body is jerking its a horrible feeling and i cant see my doctor untill a week on saturday!!!does anyone else get these feelings?also feels lile my face is shaking