Concerned I may have MS. My symptoms.

Hello everyone. First off I should say that I have a long history of mental illness, mostly anxiety. I have some health anxiety. Lately I’ve been quite concerned that I have MS due to my symptoms. My symptoms have become so significant that they are affecting basic daily tasks. I am still going to work part time but I basically just work and lie down and nothing else. I feel like my life is wasting away. I am 31, female, never had children, family history of autoimmune diseases (mostly thyroid). My blood tests showed my thyroid stimulating hormone was a bit low (indicating slightly overactive thyroid which I’ve had in the past) but thyroid hormones normal. Iron studies showing heading towards getting lowish. High inflammation (crp 12). I am negative for epstein barr. My symptoms have come and gone but most have been 24/7 for at least 2 months. Symptoms include: Very severe all encompassing fatigue, can barely move sometimes, feel so tired that I feel nauseous when I try to do things. Feels less severe WHILE resting but sleep/rest does not improve it other than having about 5 minutes of partial stamina to do something like cook breakfast then burn out completely again. Hot flushes associated with the fatigue and nausea Constant dizziness like walking on a rocking boat Blurry eyesight and slught double vision of lights at night (may need glasses, it’s been like that for at least a couple of years Buzzing ticklish legs and feet with pins and needles sometimes. A constant restless leg type of feeling with vibrating type feeling. Mildly cramped calves for no good reason. Persistent restless genital feelings/persistent uncomfortable arousal (this is more recent) This episode started with pins and needles in my face, hands and feet. The face and hands eased off. Weakness, especially in my legs. A shuffling walk though I could force myself to walk normally and appear normal, but is exhausting to do so. Uncontrollable bursts of crying. If I am driving my car and a car in front brakes a little earlier than I anticipated but is in no way dangerous or that sudden, I get startled as if I have smashed into someone. I will cry immediately and sometimes can’t stop. I feel like needles just shot out of my face from under my skin when anything startles me. Shakey weak tremor type feeling of feet, hands, calves. My brain and body feel like they’re shutting down upon simple tasks like selecting what groceries to put on a conveyer belt in what order at the supermarket, or choosing what to eat or the order to do any task in. Just contemplating the decisions makes me confused and I will get hotter, dizzier and have to lie down asap. Having conversations with people exhausts me and triggers the feeling like I could almost collapse. I am not feeling anxious during these activities or worrying about anything relates to them. My toes mainly left foot twitch a lot. Calves, lip, eye, thighs, side of abdomen sometimes. I’m taking magnesium, b complex, zinc, iron, omega 3 (I’m a nutritionist) so shpuld not be related to low magnesium or anything like that. Clumsiness (very unlike me) - missing steps, not making contact with door handles etc (missing them, failing to understand where my body is in space), walking into walls and poles. Forgetfulness (unlike me) and complete brain fog. Increased stuttering And hard to find words Increased emotional instability - crying, depression, recently anxiety (due to this going for 2 months and now believing I most likely have a serious neurological issue), anger, irritability, makimg life decisions based on thinking I am becoming disabled, massive relationship strain etc. Sometimes weird bouts of laughing but mostly crying. Seeing a black dot in my vision every few minutes (for months) Urinary urgency (mild, bit of a weird stimulated type feeling), occasional incontinence if I squat or push pelvic floor muscles) Alternating constipation and diarrhoea A psychologist thinks it could be anxiety/psychosomatic which I was open to as I have been through some trauma, long term stress and exhausting work conditions and rotating/irregular shift work in healthcare. Sometimes only 4-8 hours between shifts. But physically my job is way less intense than it used to be. I hoped it was just anxiety but it’s not easing at all with more rest, meditation, psychology, and trying acceptance that it’s psychological. Now I’m wondering if I truly do have a serious medical condition. I’ve not had an MRI. Only brain test of any kind I’ve had was an EEG 10 years ago which was abnormal but not followed up. Appreciate any input. Thanks, A person

hi reading your post was a little traumatic, you certainly need help. can your employer help? some of your symptoms are familiar, such as lability (crying/laughing in a random manner). i very much wish to help you but have nothing to offer. there are some amazing people on this site though and hopefully someone will be along soon with sound advice. carole x


The problem is that there are many disorders which present in very similar ways to MS.

This is why a doctor will generally consider your symptoms and then rule out things that it’s not before thinking about what it is. They’ll do a physical examination plus MRI tests, maybe lumbar puncture, other tests as they consider appropriate.

Only then will they decide what is causing your symptoms.

When you start with a diagnosis, especially one like MS which can have so many differing symptoms, it’s quite easy to fit your symptoms into it.

What you perhaps need to do is see your GP. Explain all the symptoms you have experienced and ask for a referral to a neurologist. I wouldn’t start out with the question, ‘do you think it’s MS?’, stick to the ‘do you think it could be neurological?’

In the meantime, try and not get too stressed over it. It’s difficult to do I know, especially when you already know you have an anxiety problem.

But don’t get too set on the idea that it’s MS. It’s not that I think it’s all a psychological problem, I can see why Carole said your post was traumatic to read. It must be more than a little traumatic to live with your symptoms. That is the reason why you should start the ball rolling on finding out what is causing all of this.