actually relieved to have ms

After my relapse and being in hospital for 9 days had mri neuro came to see my convinced i had devics disease aka nmo had lumbar puncture after a horrible 4 week wait doctor rang me to tell me its defo ms a vile disease but the other is much worse

Hi catmummy,

Sorry to hear about your diagnsosis but at least you know what it is now and have some idea on how to fight it.

Also means you can stay on this forum and ask and give advice… there’s always something good in everything.

Keep well

Jen x

Im just relieved ill get to see my kids grow up the other disease makes u go blind xx

Hi catmummy

when my neuro told me I had ms and asked how I felt about it, I told him in a weird sort of way I feel relieved. He said this was one of the most common reactions, because ms is so difficult to dx and no one can see how you feel.

As you say ms is a vile disease, but at least now you can move forwrd knowing what you’re dealing with and can get the right help for your needs.

Freckles xxx

I spoke to a ms nurse today the neuro at the hospital has arranged for me to start tsybri after some blood tests ive never been on a dmd before xx

How do you feel about start tysabri ? X


i am a tad confused…my friend has had devics for years and it not easy! she still has sight and i am the one thats lost mine permanently in left eye.

i wish you had neither but as others have said u are in stronger position to deal with it cos u have a real label with opens up choices to deal with the ms.

good luck, hows the baby?


I dont know i dont know anything about it just want to start something as from having a baby i keep relapsing xx

Shes ok thanks just a pain in bum at night lol hope u ok xx