Accepting MS

Hi, I was diagnosed with MS about 3 years ago now. It wasn’t a great surprise as my identical twin sister was diagnosed 7 years before me. So, deep down I was expecting it, especially when the first symptoms arrived. Drs examined me and found no other signs that would be indicative of MS. It qas only after my insisting on an MRI Scan that the diagnosis was confirmed. I’m not in any way angry about this as my MS was and I hope all is very mild but I now have the medication to hopefully slow down its progression. Anyway thats my story of how I was diagnoses. Since then I haven’t accessed this site until recently and I now wish I’d done it sooner. Its helped to realised that the small but irritating symptoms I have having are most likely related to my MS and that there are people out there who know exactly what you are going through and can sometimes offers some helpful hints in alleviating symptoms. I didn’t visit the site before now as I believed my MS was not bad enough to join in but I’m really glad now that I have taken the time to view other peoples posts as it has been really comforting and helpful. I just wanted to let other know that you don’t have to be wheel chair bound to find this site useful. Thank you x

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Hi, welcome aboard this happy ( not always) ship!!

I joined a long time ago, when I was told I had .PPMS.

But I haven’t got it now! Sorry for maybe sounding crazy!

My diagnosis changed a few times and the final thing I was told is that if I did have MS, I would be worse than I am now! Nice!!

I have a rare condition called hereditary spastic paraplegia…very PPMS like.

I love this forum and I hope I help others as much as they help me.

Love Poll x

I firmly believe one of the toughest aspects of the disease is its variability and thus the mass of unanswerable questions.

Therefore whether woefully disabled or fortunately still dancing, we share a common, psychological burden. And with the shock of diagnosis and the stress of living with it, support from like minded souls is a genuine gift to be exploited.

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Hello Gilly,

Welcome to our little band, sorry you have MS though hope you are reasonably well.




Sorry about the MS diagnose. I was diagnosed with MS since i was 14. But hey, it happens, gotta keep strong!

Be positive and you’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

This forums helps alot

Thanks everyone for saying hello x

I worked for 25 years with SPMS until I retired at 60 but it took a long time to progress to the point where I could not carry on working.

Don’t give in and welcome to the forum. All us here understand where you are coming from


Hi Gilly and welcome to the forum. I too, was diagnosed about 3 years ago and find it very helpful to read what others have to say.

Hazel x

`Hi Gilly’

Got to say, although the NHS have done a good job for me, my G.P. tells me he cannot treat any possible MS symptoms, -(Wait and speak to Neuro) but only see Neuro once every 6 or 12 months. My MS nurse (who is brilliant - now every 6 months) but when you have a new problem, unlike most web forums, this site is seen by guys with similar problems, and often incredibly helpful and supportive, so do share your problems, there will probably be someone who has had experienced similar so can be very helpful.

MS is sadly for life, but in the last few years, have had to learn patience, appointments for NHS, DWP, PIP etc. seem to take forever, but eventually they get sorted. Getting stressed with waiting only worsens your health, so take a deep breathe, calm down, enjoy the good things, the rotten will get sorted eventually.

It is a sad world - to say that MS sufferers are more educated about their illness than the professionals. Only last week, my physio visited me at the Gym, she did a ten metre walk with me, without my stick, got tearful as now get giddy too, she said but your balance is better, but what do you expect, you are doing well, but you have got MS, so of course you can expect to feel lightheaded. Never heard that one before.

Take care all

Welcome Gilly, i am waiting for a formal diagnosis. I had a CIS with 90% chance of developing MS. I get my second neuro appointment in January which is D day!