Hi all not been on for a while Update had MRI clear Had evoked potentials abnormal So symptoms headache with blurred vision last from mins to days Numb legs/feet sometimes with tingling never both together 3days to 3 weeks 4 days Feeling of being sea sick dizzy Baths make my legs feel like they are being stabbed and sometimes itchy patches of skin… Not had a bath for nearly a year lol Above symptoms have been on and off for over 13 years but only has it been for the last yr that they have been more frequent which is when I went to my Dr (march 12) In April 13 I went to Egypt for a 2 week family holiday which should of been fantastic it was but would of been better if I hadn’t felt so crap… Fuzzy head pins and needles dizziness… And soooooooo knackered even after a good sleep… I was ok in the morning in as far as no P&N but as the day went on got progressively worse… Came home and with in a day was back to feeling like me again… Yay But it’s back again with a vengeance I love the sun but its not liking me any more it would seem… And to top it off now have a cold as well not back to see consultant till 25 July and I only got that appointment cos I rang and said I wasn’t feeling well again… WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!! Give me a pill and make me “normal” again please… :-(((

HiI’m sorry your feeling rubbish :frowning: I’ve just been diagnosed and I find that heat makes my symptoms worse I’m hating the hot weather at the moment. As for the results I’m not very clued up but I have read that diagnosis can be a long process.Have you been offered any other tests like a lumber puncture? I’m sorry I’m not much help as it’s all quite new to me but just wanted to say I hope you feel better than you are at the moment very soon. :slight_smile: