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i would just like to share my story with you because it may help a few people and i'd quite like to offload too.

im just back from gp as ive had quite bad depression over the last couple of weeks and not only that but my legs are getting progressively weaker.crying1


the weakness is somthing thats happened over many months and is accompanied by other symptoms such as:


pins and needles, electric shock type feelings, acid reflux, sciatic type pain, memory problems, awful fatigue and generally feeling ill every single day.

all of these are made worse by heat.


anyway my point is that ive just been told that its all in my head, after previously being told possible ms and then ME.

im very grateful to this site because if i hadn't read all the posts on here about people suffering and not being believed by their medical practitioner, the news i had today would have hit me like a tonne of bricks.

i accept what he thinks but i dont believe it for a minute and i am open to different causes but they do need to be logical and fit in with my symptoms and what doesnt fit is how completely ill i feel in warmer temperatures, could my mind really trigger that off?

i am feeling mentally weak  at the moment ,so as long as he has recorded it on my records (ive asked him to) i will fight my battle bit by bit until i get there.

so for anyone who's in the same boat,  stay strong and listen to what your body is telling you and one day you may just get someone who believes in you and works for you to get the answers you need.

best wishes

mandy    xxxxxxxxthumbsup

So sorry it was so disappointing letdown


Have you had a look at this website?:

It might give you some information to either explain your symptoms or to explain to your GP that his "all in your head" explanation just doesn't fit! As they say, knowledge is power!


Hang in there!

Karen x


Hi mandy, this certainly is a cruel blow! No wonder you feel ill. You are brow beaten by the NHS!

I`ve also battled to get a dx.the best I got was in 2008...95% dx of PPMS. Then I was messed about further by another neuro, who was proved wrong!

I`ve come to the conclusion that whatever I may have, there is no cure and I just have to get on with it as best I can.

But if i was told all my symptoms were in my head, I would be as upset and mad as you.

What area are you in? I ask as I know of a very good MSspecialist neuro in Leeds...Dr Lily.

I saw him some time ago.

luv Pollx

hi karen and poll

i am very lucky to know that this type of thing happens to people all the time and that makes it easier to bear.  if it wasn't for this site i dont know where i would be.

poll i am at the stage where i think "well i know how it feels, i know how it affects me and whatever its called is not going to change that"

but i dont know if i could have that attitude if i were as disabled as you are, you really are amazing!

it really would help me with work issues though and maybe access to medications and of course it would prove that i'm really not mad!


karen, i will take a look at that website but i need to be careful that the gp doesnt think i've made it all up from what ive read about.

my very first post on the old website was in a bullet type form listing symptoms and someone replied that it looked like i had got them straight off the internet.!

that was about 2years ago and it still haunts me although there were many who defended me!

im in no fit state mentally to pursue a diagnosis so its probably best i just think about me right now and get myself sorted and ready for the ongoing battle,

i really couldnt cope with no definite answers again.

ME is a new disease, maybe theres a few more like that and one day its people like us who will have helped to name it !

lots of love and best wishes

mandy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


im in south wales so nowhere near you letdown