Hi folks

Havnt been on for a while as still awaiting tests for dx. Had brain and neck mri dont know results as yet but may find out tomorrow when I go to docs for more bloods, having EMG in 2 weeks. Neurologist wrote in letter that he feels he may not find organic cause but there is a need to evaluate the possibility of central demyelinating condition which is causing sensory disturbance. On a plus note, pins and needles have gone, feet and hands still get terribly cold and numb, tongue still has slight tingling but aprt from that and tinnitus I feel ok. I am on sick but not going to rush back to work till tests are all done and a possible dx is made as my mind still does not feel right, I say wrong words and get angry and anxious which is not like me, its caused quite a few arguments with me and other half as he doesnt realise I cant help this, its like my personality has changed and of course the fact I am saying the wrong word annoys him. Will keep you all updated, and lets hope this mice weather stays with us as even though I am housebound its nice to see sunshine.

Take care

Wendy x

Hi Wendy, well sounds like all the right tests are being done & I hope they can figure out what is causing all these symptoms.

Part of your personality change might be due to anxiety… and let’s face it Wendy… who in their right mind wouldn’t be anxious in your situation?

Have you thought about having a chat with your GP? There’s some very good med’s out there to help with anxiety. The GP can also arrange a short course of therapy. It would help to talk about these feeling with someone who understands & can help you to reduce this level of anxiety.

Don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying your symptoms are caused by anxiety… I’m saying that because you have these symptoms and are feeling so poorly it’s only natural that you would then feel anxious. It would help you and your partner if you could improve your mood.

Anyway, worth thinking about.

I love that you wrote ‘hope this mice weather stays with us’… I have lovely mental picture of mice in the sunshine enjoying themselves… swigging lemonade… enjoying a picnic…

Take care hon,

Pat x

Oh Pat, lol, oh dear mice, nice thought though and one I have in my head right now. Yes, neuro did say that my worries over concentration etc could be anxiety and he actually said he wouldnt be at all surprised considering what I have endured health wise in the last 2 years and of course the worry of all of this and work issues. I am trying to chill but I suppose until all the tests are done its hard. I am having a home visit tomorrow from 2 team leaders so not looking forward to it. Wouldnt it be great if we could all take magic pill and we would be back to our normal selves again. I have got used to the mobility issues its my head I need to sort out now. Will wait for results them approach GP I take amitryptolene at night to help me sleep but stil only getting about 3/4 hrs tops I am not usually the sort who lets things get to me but I know the mind is a strange thing. Thank you for your response I really appreciate it.

Wendy x

Hi Wendy

Between anxiety and the very few hours you are sleeping I’m not surprised you are struggling to cope. I do hope you take Pat’s advice and see your GP.

Good luck.

Min x