A of moan about GP's sugery

I had been to see my consultant at the hospital, and he wanted my GP to sort out a couple of things the first was to stop my periods and the second was to arrange some psychiatric help.

Two weeks went by and I had recieved my clinic letter but my GP’s surgery had not contacted me so I thought I would phone them. I spoke to the receptionist and she confirmed she had the clinic letter and the doctor had seen it and did not need to see me, and nothing needed to be done! uh!

I asked her to read the letter, she was some what embarrassed. It would appear that one Dr reads all the clinic letters and if he feels they require any form of follow up it is then given to your named GP. Having established that I did need to see the Dr,mine had just gone on Holiday! So I have an appointment for 2 weeks time. I was not impressed. But the receptionist said she would highlight the issue and put it in his diary when he returns.

A week later I had ordered a presciption on line, so I go to pick it up from the chemist to find a note telling me one drug was a maximum dose of 4mg. ( I had been told to double it at the hospital so I was taking 8mg)

Another phone call to the receptionist who reiterates what the Dr had said ( not my own GP) I ask her to read the letter from the continence nurse at the hospital, which clearly stated I was to take 8mg! She said she would organise the rest of the tablet and make the Dr aware of the letter.

What is the point of these clinic letters if they are not going to be read. I don’t want to complain because my GP is really good. But if the system dosen’t work it all goes wrong.


Please complain!

Not about your doc, whose fault it can’t possibly have been, as they weren’t even there, but about a “system” (doesn’t seem as if there even is a system, and that’s the problem) that leaves you with your hospital’s instructions ignored.

To be fair, I had much the same when I first started baclofen - or tried to. I had been to the hospital for a post-diagnosis assessment, and the assessing consultant was quite disgusted I wasn’t already on baclofen, having expected my surgery to sort it out.

When she realised they hadn’t, she said at once: “Don’t worry, we know you need it!”, and tried to issue a prescription on the spot. But the stupid system was down, so she couldn’t. Apparently, it’s no longer possible to write a prescription with a pen and a prescription slip these days, so she apologised profusely, and said she would ring the surgery, and TELL (not ask) them to do it.

So I waited a few days before ringing the surgery, to ask if my prescription was ready to pick up, and they denied all knowledge. They said there hadn’t been any letter from the hospital! I said I hadn’t expected there to be one, but there should have been a PHONE CALL (a GP doesn’t technically need the authority of a neuro to issue baclofen - they’re perfectly competent to prescribe it all by themselves).

So anyway, as the neuro seemed super-efficient, I strongly suspected she had phoned the surgery, but that the message had somehow got lost.

So I was caught between the two - still no treatment, doctor’s surgery denying all knowledge, and saying it was up to me to sort out with the hospital - totally NOT what the hospital had said, which was that they would instruct the surgery to issue it! I can’t understand how someone with a serious diagnosis can be left without symptom relief, while hospital and surgery squabble over whose responsibility it is. :frowning:

Eventually, I had to ring up and have a rant. I said: “Look, I’ve got MS, the hospital has told me I need to be on baclofen - the only reason they couldn’t prescribe it was the computer was down. I know a GP’s allowed to do it, so will somebody please do so!” Prescription was finally ready a couple of days later.


Hi Twist,

Whenever I’ve been to the hospital they always send a letter to my gp and a copy to me. After the same thing happened to me the way I got round it was to photocopy the letter I received and took it with me to the gp. Since doing this I get the treatment quicker as the surgery never ever processes it quick enough.

Hope this helps.

Janet x

Thank you all,

Well, yes I glad I got a copy of the clinic letter it’s self as I would have waited longer before phoning the surgery. Then I would have noy known what it said. It is quite sad that the consultant I see who is quite lovely had explain there where 4 things he wanted sorting, and a month later we are no further on.

  1. MRI of neck…no appointment has come through.

  2. Cessation of periods…GP’s surgery incompetence as exampled above.

3.Psychatric help…GP’s surgery incompetance as exampled above.

4.Check with neuro by email it was OK to put me on tizanidine He copyed me into the email that he did the same day. …No response.

I hesitate to complain to the surgery as my GP is the lead partner. But do feel I need to say something.


l would ask to speak to the ‘practise manager’ - and put forward your points. Fingers crossed it will get ‘sorted’.

We must all stand up for ourselves.


My GP’s surgery is all computerised - all letters from anyone get scanned in. Which is great as anyone can see them.

As long as the computers are up, and the scanning in has been done. I’ve never had a problem so I have nothing to complain about.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I carry on not having any problems :wink: