A good article on MS by Simon Gillespie

Very good article about MS by Simon Gillespie… chief exec of MSS… even a nice little mention of our forum!


Pat x


Most people with MS just want to get on and live as full a life as possible.

Is this what Mr Gillespie or Mr Osbourne said? Ach-either way-spot on!

I suspect it must be harder-simply because you are in the public eye and folk are quick to judge/comment. Its NOT a competition! I wish anyone with a diagnosis of MS to enjoy today-tomorrow will take care of itself

Ellie x

I am worried for the lad; many moons ago I was mates with Ronnie Lane of the Faces group.

We went many places together; we both even had Snake Venom treatment in Miami. Because of the plonker who owned the clinic he put Ronnie on 10 times more than me (because Ronnie was high profile in the rock scene he got his for nothing).

I still take mine; swear by it. Unfortunately Ronnie has passed away.

I doubt it but if Sharron or Ozzy see this DO NOT listen to anyone especially American about venom treatment.

Yes it was a good article. I wish they’d print it in all of the media outlets.