Telegraph: Good article on MS

Good article written by someone who was dx with RRMS 20 years ago:

Pat x

Thanks for that Pat hope for us all!

Yes it was a good article; MS seems to be grabbing the ‘limelight’ at the moment.


yes read it , it was good

I thought it was one of the most balanced articles I’ve read about having MS. Thnaks for sharing. It seemed very honest and I couldn’t help but agree when he said that some people thought that having MS was a positive thing to have happened to them but not him. I also read a lot of the comments - some angry, some bitter, some desperately sad. I think one of the problems about the public perception of MS is when people who are in remission write about how well they are getting on with their lives and climbing Kilimanjaro or whatever. The public then get the idea that it’s not too bad an illness to have when, in fact, many of us suffer horrible symptoms all the time. Karen

Karen I so agree with you. It’s very hard when you read about people walking or even running marathons with MS. I know it’s very positive for them and of course they should do it if they can, but it’s a shame that the media prefer to concentrate on those stories making the rest of us look as if we ‘could try harder’.

I just bent over to pick up something off floor and am now suffering most horrendous hug. Public never hear about this stuff.

Pat x

Hi Pat,

just read the article, i totally agree with all that he said, i have had ms for 20 years now, and feel just like he does,

only thing different is that i had to give work up quite early on,and he has been able to keep working. i think all the newly diagnosed should be given this to read,it came across very well,

jaki xx

Hi Pat A really sensible, non-dramatic article about MS. It would be great if everyone read it. Teresa xx