A few questions

Greetings, and I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you.The following are a few things which occur to me and need answering.

Why is Womans’ Hour on Radio 4 only 45 minutes long ?

Why do the crew on submarines undergo psychological assessment,but the staff at Macdonalds work under more cramped,stressful,hotter conditions and don’t,yet they could still harm a great many people?

Why is a Ladie’s mid-life change called the MENopause?

Why is the busiest time of the week in Sainsburys at 3.45 PM on sunday,when some of them have had all week? AND in Sainsburys why do people of a certain generation move 10 feet from the till,stop and start scrutinizing their receipt?

I need to know,


Men are the root cause of all of women’s problems:-

MEN tal illness

MEN strual cramps

MEN tal breakdown

MEN opause

GUY necologist…

And when there is real trouble, it’s a HIS terectomy.

Tracey x

T,you make a fine arguement but these are things that belong to the girls but we cannot even have things with our name on.Oh,there is HERnia,HERpes and LASSitude,but I’m too tired to …

S xx

The meno bit of the word means month, so a pause every month… you get the idea!!!

The rest i can’t give you answers for, maybe life is just that cruel!

If you find the answers out there please try and answer me this: If Winnie the pooh was civilized enough to keep his honey in jars, why did he eat it off his hands? Surely he had spoons?

Laura x

Ha,nice one Laura,but I think I know why.Yes you can get a dollop or twain on a spoon,but not as much as on a big furry paw.Me and Mr Pooh are in total agreement on that.

Wb x

Ah see i had forgotton what a deep thinker pooh bear is - thanks! My personal favourite PB philosophies are:

“Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.” and “People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.” x

I see you and laura are having fun with this post.

ant think of owt to add just now.

luv Polx

Laura is cleverer than me because she is a ‘wol’ - (remember the sign outside his house in the books)

Tracey x

Hi Tracey,you’ve got me beat with WOL, and it’s got to be 40 years since I read a Pooh book. There is lots on Google about the dyslexic low,sorry owl and Winnie the Pooh lol is a rude place,and not for the purist

Wb x

I loved reading about the bear of little brain! Isn’t it funny how a bear likes hunny? Two years ago for my birthday, my son and his friend treated me to a cinema trip to see Winnie the Pooh. The film version of how Eeyore lost his tail and Pooh and Piglet searched for it. It had us in hysterics and we decided the 5 year olds were too young to appreciate the finer points of comedy

T x

High Tea,that sounds about right.It was my ex girl friend/financial drain that picked that Avatar.I love honey and the small brain thing seems appropriate.You still haven’t coughed up about ‘wol’…Pretty please

Wb xx

In the Pooh books, there is a sign outside the tree which says ‘Wol’s house’ and that is where Owl lives . You see Christopher Robin cannot spell properly and he writes all the signs. There is a lovely chapter where he writes a sign saying ‘Bak Soon’ and Pooh and Piglet go into a panic about a monster called a Bakson!

Tracey x

Thanks T,it wasn’t as cryptic as my neuron reckoned so I’ll sleep better the neet. So a "Sleplew"must be a thing that snores all night.Hope you did,and you’ll be back baking later.Oh, I have theories about me and humility and have three dehumidifiers in my teeny weeny flat, and need it <30% to maintain my abnormal normality.You should see my lecky bills in the summer.I think as my pathetic brain has changed over the years it’s not so much the heat as the humility which flattens me.

Playing out is usually good for morale with C+C (coffee+coffin/coughin’),but when it’s muggy I have more pain and am a bit of a miserable tyke until I’ve been in for a couple of hours and afrted around with the drugs.It’s only after a couple of years that I’ve been able to finally work this out. I ain’t going to Florida for me hols.

Wb x

I know heat makes me worse so always have a fan by my bed and I wear cooling neck scarves in summer. I live by the sea so there is always a cool breeze which helps. It’s very rare for us to have a mega hot day but if it suddenly heats up it catches me by surprise and that is what may have happened yesterday! On top of the recent relapse, it was enough to wipe me out for a day. Anyway I’m back to where I was a week ago, so no real harm done.

At least life is never dull, eh? And it reminded son that he needs to help a bit more. He hung his own washing out, brought it back when it was dry (which didn’t take long so proves it was a hot day), and helped me to cook tea. There’s hope for him yet :wink:

T x

T,you make your home-life sound like a Persil advert…How idyllic, with everybody mucking in with the mucking out.Living by the sea should mean that your humidity levels will be pretty constant but as you say it is the spike in temperature which can b&gger us up.Something else which bu$ggers me up is high atmospheric pressure.This sounds like poo,but 'cos of the state of the veins in my neck the pressure acts as a vaso-constrictor and slows me up until the pressure drops or I can do something with the Pick’n’Mix.

With the way things affect me I was going to try the Liberation procedure,but since the American FDA closed down the clinics in Europe,I’ve got Envelope,Antelope,Bob Hope and no hope.I’ll be heading to California when the balls drop.

S xx