is it just my house or do husbands(without MS) get v.v.v. tired when the baby breaks their night sleep?! :lol:
I know this is sexist but…

i manage a shop and out of 62 application forms i received last week there were only 6 who were over 21 and the main part of them were from 16/17 year olds who were staying on at school and only wanted to work weekends.

its very very hard to get good, reliable staff and the ones i do have i look after very well, they are the reason i have the best sales in the whole of my region.

this lack of requests for employment by anyone over the age of 21 has been the same for the last 7 years i have been in this job.

the only variance is the university students who have in my opinion a fantastic work ethic, but of course you dont get to keep them.

so i have to disagree with you a real ms’er, from my personal experience,a lot of people over the age of 25 dont want to work, or if they do they dont want menial shop work.

i wish i could say it was different but its not for me.


its also part of the reason why those of us who are ill have to jump through hoops to get any benefits.

even though i am ill i am terrified of giving up work (and have not been well enough to work for the last 2 years) as i do not know how to "work"the system as many of the unemployed do.

they know exactly what to say and do and i’ve overheard people talking about how they do it when they’ve come in to shop.

you may know that this is not the same for the area where you live, but its certainly the case in my area.