Hi, so I am new here and I’m 22 years old living with ms, I work in a nursery but at the moment finding it really really hard. I have told my employers all about my condition and they said that it’s okay, but as I get so many appointments each time they get more funnier about it and make me feel unconftable and that I am different. I don’t feel they understand even tho I have done my hardest and even give them leaflets to read on ms but still treating me like I shouldn’t be there What can I do?

Hi, If you have given them leaflets etc about MS it seems there being a bit unfair of them to make you feel the way you do. I know there are disability rights that we have, maybe your be able to find a link to this. I sure there must be a someone on this site to give some help regarding them. I noticed your only 22yrs MS sucks, I was 38 when I was diagnosed I thought that was bad. Is there anyone there you can talk with to explain exactly how MS is affecting you. I guess being a Nursery there must be a main boss hope you can get them to understand and get them on your side. Not much more advice I can give . Good luck. kielyn

Having been trained as a nneb I can understand how hard you work in a nursery. Depending where you work I know that you have a lot of bending and lifting to do, with equipment and toys and the cleaning that you do. Maybe you will have to think if you can really do the work, maybe find a less physical job. I have lost my job through ill health and I had worked for them for eight years, they were great I was paid well over the sick pay and that was because I am celiac and this was before all of this. I am not diagnosed as yet or whether I have or have not MS. I hope things go well


It is so hard to try make people understand but because most symptoms can be invisible people automatically think that we are okay and we are not, everyday is a struggle it’s hard I want to live a normal life and have a normal full time job but that’s becoming more difficult as time goes on Shannon x

Rightly you want support at work and a bit of sympathy wouldn’t go amiss. But it’s not happening and I’m not sure what you can do about it. Your employer is duty-bound to make reasonable adjustments -