Problems at work

I am having problems at because of the lack of empathy and understanding which is causing me a lot of stress, as anybody else come across this?

It’s hard getting people to understand when a lot of our symptoms are invisible. There’s a really good publication on this website called “work and ms”. My manager and HR manager found it really useful. It gives a good description of the condition but also explains your rights as an employee and theirs as your employer. I had a meeting at work where we went through the information together, gave me chance to explain how ms affects me and helped put a few things in place like short breaks if I need them. Good luck!

Hi, when I was suffering fatigue, falls and foggy thinking, my manager had little to no patience, even though we were good friends, she seemed resentful when I could no longer keep up the fast pace we both had.

I went to see my practice nurse about something unrelated and when she saw how tired I looked, she asked why. She was livid when I related what was happening and she urged me to take a weeks sick leave. I did so. The following week came and I felt no better, so I saw my GP and she put me on sick leave…I never went back, as my symptoms worsened rapidly.

I was medically retired 8 months later.

depending on how severe your symptoms are and your ability to continue working, your OH department should be consulted, to see what done in your workplace.

Good luck.


Hi Essie I have the same problem at work. They dont seem to happy about all my hospital appointments (was only dx earlier this year so seeing a right mixture of people) and I just feel unwanted in the company (i have been moved to a different office where there is no work for me to do) Please dont let it get to you. I was all up for handing in my notice but doubt i would be entitled to any form of help and the thought of finding another job makes me feel anxious so for now i have no choice but to stay put. Keep your chin up xx