Can he possibly know how tired I am? :-(

My partner said about me working evenings and weekends but all day I look after our children so I said do you have any idea how tired I feel? To which he said yes I live with you and I’m tired too if I sit down on the sofa!!! Really what!!!

Cheeky chuff! Too many men (unless they are househusbands) have no idea just how much energy it takes to be a part time working mum…then add a chronic condition like MS into the mix and life can be indescribable.

Ask him if can let you have couple of days off and he can take on the house and kids and your job…but hell never be able to get the full effect unless he borrows` your MS too!

I despair!

luv Pollx


he doesnt know. but neither do i know how you feel. on this site we have more understanding of how you may feel but there is only one of you! we all cope/manage differently-all we can do is be honest (to ourself and then others) which we dont do very well but with practise it does become easier. we are our own worst enemies sometimes by thinking (and trying to justify it) we are protecting them/others. thats not harsh-please dont think that-i simply talk from experience. would u really want someone close to experience the hell that u do? i wouldnt wish this on my enemy! but moaning/complaining (even tho justified) doesnt help anyone-least of all ourselves.

take care and it will all pass-everything does, ellie

I wouldn’t wish this on anyone and I try to explain how MS makes you feel exhausted even without looking after three small children all day but when he says it makes him tired when he sits on the sofa, which I can’t do with three children, it would be nice if he could try to understand.

Ask him to take on your childcare and household duties for a week, but try to time it for when he has man flu or similar! Even that won’t demonstrate what we can put up with, but it’s a start! I have two young children so I have some inkling of how tired you must be (although I don’t think I could handle three!!!). Luckily my hubby is very supportive of the fact I’m a stay at home mum and with the MS chucked in now, he is leaving it up to me to decide if and when I go back to work. X


i know how hard it is-i am a single mum to 4. i understand u wanting him to understand but he cant. in some ways i have maybe got it easier cos there are just me and kids (and carers) kids are very accepting of most things if explained in language they can understand-adults,well thats a different ball game! my kids know re all my issues ((not that i expect them to understand but they are aware of them)

this whole ms malarkey is sh*t-we do what we have to to get through each day.

take care-be kind to yourself

That made me chuckle :slight_smile: After 15:20 the fourth (well first because she’s the oldest) comes home from school) it’s very very hard. I’m usually asleep by 8 in the evening :slight_smile: