A birthday, a new car, four firemen and a paramedic...

We picked up our new Motability car last Tuesday. (A Ford Tourneo Connect). I use a slide board to transfer between the car and my wheelchair, and have found the process differewnt to our previous car (a Berlingo). Just a matter of time to adjust the technique, learn the handholds etc.

Last Wednesday we went to see my Dad on his 88th birthday. Went out to lunch, all transfers OK so far. Then back to his place, whereupon I slipped off the slide board into the footwell. Feet and legs out of the door, bum on the floor, left arm on the passenger seat and right arm against the dashboard. Ruth and bro-in-law Russell couldn’t shift me. So it was that, half an hour later and getting rather cold despite three blankets, I was rescued by four hunky firemen, who hauled me out and lifted me into my chair. Once in the house in the warm I was given a full MOT by a paramedic, and passed with flying colours.

God bless the emergency services!

One big reason why I was trepidatious about going for my PIP interview today. I need fine weather to practice transfers.


Yay you know how to make an entrance Kev. Hope you are OK.



Hello, Kev.

It must have been quite a sight. Glad you passed the MOT. I’ve been rescued myself by firemen and paramedics. It certainly helped me out of a bit of a dic&head position after I turned my tramper over in a forest. They’re only complaint was that I’d used the car park without the ice-cream van.

Our car is due to be changed in June. The Tourneo looks a good car. We’re probably going for another Smax, The price is a bit high so maybe I should ask my wife to work harder. On second thoughts…

Best wishes, Steve.


Hi KeV

Pleased that you are OK, but reading your post, and picturing the scene, it did make me smile.

I have also been rescued my firemen once…I went to a meeting and used the lift to get to the meeting room, only to find the lift wouldn’t work after, so 4 lovely firemen carried me in my chair down two flights of stairs.

I so enjoyed that lift being broken down!!!

Pam x


Poor Kev, What an adventure! I’m so glad that you are okay. I have a Ford Galaxy its been great, but I really miss my battered white van, that I could drive, ts funny you would think getting a brand new car i’d have been excited…but it actually felt like a damp squid if you know what i mean.

Pam , you made me laugh, I don’t think i would have minded that at all… WOW 4 lovely firemen! you were so lucky!

Steve, There is a grant that may pay for your down payment and adaptations…For example if you need a bigger car because of equipment such as a hoist and wheelchair and maybe mention about having room for your little girls pram. We applied for it when we asked for the Galaxy

Michelle x


Kev I had to smile at the picture you painted. Fortunately I’ve not been in any situation like that but I can see us being help with dad very soon. He seems to fall in the most awkward places and getting him up is getting more and more difficult the weaker he gets. At least I know now that firemen may be an option when our muscles give in.

Cath x


eeee, we sure know how to have fun, dont we?

had the fireman`s lift mesen…3 of em…into bed after a suspected fire in my kitchen…but wasnt!




Ah Kev, what an exciting day that was! I had to smile too. But oooh, don’t go telling us girls about 4 hunky fireman…it just reminded me what my emergency pocket is for…my lipstick!

Chrissie x

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