A bad cold = Better consontration/energy levels

I know this may sound strange… But: Im full of cold at the mo and as a diary of my day…

I slowly got out of bed this morning, feeling like crap, legs were worse than normal etc… As the day progressed my energy levels & consontration increased dramatically. I even got in my car and drove to see my mum, went shopping and even did a bit of gardening. My legs improved, i started to smile, the glint in my eye came back, i was chatty, i felt good :slight_smile:

So to cut a long story short: Whilst there is the cold bug inside me, my immune system seems too busy fighting ‘it’, rather than attacking my nerve endings for no reason !

So my theory is: If we give our immune system something else to do… it wont get bored and attack our nerves ! Im not saying inject ourselves with a virus everyday, or self harm…

But… Has anyone else felt a dramatic reduction in MS symptoms, whilst ill ?

Hi Dave

No, I am the complete opposite than that, the slightest

cold or anything and my ms goes into overdrive. It really

does show that ms is different to each individual.

MS is really a weird illness.

Pam x

I agree with Pam Dave - any virus and my MS is much worse! Teresa xx

Yeah me too. Had flu a few years ago and really did believe I was dying… and didn’t care! (have flu jab now)

But I have noticed with MS hug if I eat something small it relieves the hug for a while… seems like my body is concentrating on digesting and forgets about hug… for a while anyway.

Pat x

Thanks for your comments guys. I felt really good today… ok, i had a cold which was much more worse than a normal one granted, i still had the sniffles and other symptoms normally associated with a common cold, but i found i could consontarte more and do stuff like get out the house without any anxiety or vertigo. I soon forgot about my cold as i was happier that my MS symptoms seemed to have been reduced just for a few hours. As you all say: it effects people in different ways. Lets see what tomorrow brings :slight_smile:

i have spms,and when i get a cold or virus my ms behaves itself,BUT 6 weeks after i then usually have a relpase.