MS and colds

I was diagnosed last October. I’ve not experienced a cold since then. My family are coming down with one at the moment.

I was wondering does one experience worse cold symptoms when one has MS or not?

I feel drained and am feeling exhausted, very reminiscent of MS fatigue.



hi sally

i always got every cold going.

however since my diagnosis i’ve been mostly cold free.

i do tend to have a cold damp nose but tell myself it’s the labrador in me!

tuck up cosy and get lots of rest.

once this ccccccold weather is over you will need the energy to enjoy it.

carole x

I had a good 10 years of more without ever getting a cold. I think sometimes a virus hits the lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell whose job it is to fight viruses) and makes the immune cells that attack your myelin (also lymphocytes in my basic and unscientific brain) go into overdrive. So instead of a cold you get either an MS relapse, or silent attacks on the myelin, where there’s inflammation, but not necessarily symptoms.

Shoot me down if you have a real sciencey type of solution. Meanwhile, I’ll stick to my anti-nerd answer.


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