Birthday present

Hi folks, Got a birthday present which I don’t want, a cold. Can anyone tell me why when I get a little sniffle which I used to brush off and carry on, now wipes me out or am I just feeling sorry for myself. Mags xx

Likewise Maggie, I always carried on regardless when I had a cold or a bug of some description …now just knocks me straight off my feet! Think its the same for all of us, sadly! Sorry it came on your birthday, hope you soon get back on track! Nina x

Hi Mags

That s another wonder of ms, you get just a small sniffle and all your symptoms go into overdrive, whereas before you would have just carried on.

Rest and drink plenty, don’t try to push yourself on, it doesn’t work I’m afraid.

Pam x

Not sure yet but in all honesty, the tiniest bump in my life (anything sad or causes a bit of upset/concern) seems to knock me side ways! I’ve had a couple of real migrainey type headaches (no sickness but hideous headache) that have hung around for a few days.

Crappy present yes, I hope everything else on your birthday is lovely though.

Hope you have some lovely treats to look forward to and will takes your mind off it… and if not I recommend olbas oil for a head cold or vicks if you get chesty, old fashioned but trusty

Sonia x

Not the nicest birthday present, Sonia’s advice is very good, I firmly believe in them too. Hope you feel better soon, it still gets me how any virus or infection knocks me side ways. It doesn’t seem fair, haven’t we enough to cope with?

Cath xx

No Mags… you are not feeling sorry yourself. Your poor immune system spends all its time fighting the MS lesions… which it sees as foreign bodies… so when a virus comes into the mix your immune system can’t cope. So feeling really really really bad when you get a virus or infection is very MS! Hope you feel better soon. LOTS of REST is what Dr. Pat prescribes!!! Pat xx

Hi all, I am only working one day this week so I thought I would go in today despite feeling awful. Bad move! I was in my office for an hour when the ms hug kicked in. About an hour later I was wiped out. Lesson learned do not mess with a virus. Is it just me or is Sherapova’ s scream louder than usual? Mags xx

I turned it off Mags, fed up of these noises when playing tennis.

Hope you feel better soon.

Pam x

hope you havent got this awful ‘cold’ type virus that i have just had, it starts off like a cold,but boy its much,much worse,i started with it a few weeks ago,it makes your throat very sore, completely blocks your nose and ears,and i mean blocks them, i havent had such a nasty virus for a long time,oh and forget to mention it then moves to your chest and leaaves you barking like a dog, i am still feeling quite rough and its been a few weeks since i got it.

J x

Bless you Mrs J, hope you feel better soon xx

Hi all - this is my first post so hopefully I will get it right :slight_smile:

I was diagnosed with PPMS about 3 months ago. I have issues walking and standing but the main thing that knocks me about is the fatigue.

I used to think that I was being a bit of a light-weight giving into it all the time (having to go back to bed for a couple of hours) until I realised that you have to listen to your body and go with the flow.

If I feel as if I’m getting to that point I just go home and have a rest - it seems to be working for now :slight_smile: