Common Cold

Evening all

I have been suffering from a cold which is clearing up slowly. I am just into my second week of sick leave and, although the cold is clearing up, my MS is giving me a battering.

I usually walk with a stick and can get around short distances rather well, but since this cold I can barely stand - after a couple of minutes my legs are collapsing under me. Exercise is impossible and I am housebound since this has happened.

It has panicked me, worrying that this is a permanent worsening of the condition. It is the first cold I have had since my diagnosis three years ago. I phoned my MS nurse and she says that it is normal and could take up to three weeks to recover from.

Although this is slightly comforting, it does seem like a long way back to being how I was before the cold, and I am wondering whether such a vast improvement is possible.

What are other people’s experiences of a common cold.



Hi Bernie Although ms symptoms differ from person to person, your nurse describes the impact of a cold pretty well… This is just what I am going through at the moment. This has been the regular path of recovery over my 11 years of ms & colds. It is hard but it is very likely that over time things will improve. Try to keep positive and I hope you will see improvements over the next few weeks. Neil

Thank you Neil, that is good to know. Bernie

Yes anything like a cold will exacerbate your condition. Try and eat as healthy as you can during the attack. I actually take 1 garlic tablet every day, and so far it seems to help with delaying onset of colds.

Its best to just rest and it will get better.

Yes, any virus will always go to my legs. They turn to jelly and although I don’t get as bad as you I always need at least one day’s bed rest when I have a cold because I can’t even stand in the shower. Hope you feel better soon

Tracey x

Thank you all, I feel more positive now.

Hi Bernie Thanks for this post. I like you am concerned too with this cold. Hope you feel better soon X

Have to say I get the flu jab every year now and since then I don’t really get bad colds and if I get one it seems to pass within a day or two. Didn’t think flu jab and colds could be connected but my neurologist said that’s one of the reasons he recommends it. I definitely pick up less bugs now. The other thing I do (which seems to help for me) at the first hint of a cold on its way is to start taking paracetamol and do that for a day or two. It seems to stop the cold getting very bad. Still feel ms worse but not for as long.

Could you have got a cold becaue your immune system is run down and the leg problems are also due to the immune sytem being on the blink?

Well, a fortnight or so on and the cold has almost gone. I went out for the first time in today and couldn’t even stand up. Sat on the floor for half an hour because I didn’t have the energy to get to the chair. This is so worrying. I have had a drop-foot for three years, but I would settle for just that now.

Hope ur feeling better soon xx