6th nerve palsy

Hi, I have had 6th nerve palsy it was 3 weeks ago took a week to be given steroids eyes moving now but still have double vision. Both eyes sight seem unaffected am patching alternative eyes but am also trying to be brave and go without. Has anyone experienced this and what outcomes and advice ?

Thank Kirsty x

I haven't had it myself, but I'm sure others on here will have. I did just want to say that if you've been told to use patches, please stick at it - it may be re-educating the nerves/muscles and therefore be important.

I hope it goes soon!

Karen x

:slight_smile: thank you Karen. I am getting too impatient I think lol but would love to hear from others that have experienced it. I also worry how long I need to leave it before seeking help for the double vision having another MRI with contrast in two weeks as still not dx so feeling bit low about it all.

X xkirsty x x