Six Nerve Palsy- due to M.S - been advised its very rare!

Good Morning

Has anyone been diagnosed with six nerve palsy due to MS?

If so, what has your treatment been and did it rectify itself or is it permanent?



Hi Yes I have had it and it was triggered from an ear infection in my left ear which was not treated with antibiotics. I had steroids but it was my first relapse and I got to begin oral steroids on the 32 day of double vision which was far too long to wait. I had constant horizontal double vision in both eyes. It began in my left eye then went to both eyes. Then back to just the left eye.

My eyes recovered but it took four months to completely go. Being tired would bring it on again when I was recovering.

I think my ears have a weakness for infections. I would avoid stress as much as you can, be kind to yourself, meditation really helped me.


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Hi Lenney

Thank you so much for replying.

I have not had an ear infection, they have said it is cause by MS, they have given me glasses with prisms in and I have to o back in a month. They are unlikely to give me steroids, they caused by heart to fail and now am sporting!! a pacemaker.

Unfortunately I am going through an exceptionally stressful situation with a neuro, that doesn’t help me at all, but then he docent specialise in MS, so possibly is unaware of what stress he has caused.


Hi Charlotte

Sorry to hear you are having a difficult time and that steroids caused those problems. My MS relapses are either triggered by infections or stress.

Are you able to change neurologist to an MS neurologist? It does state we can do this in the NICE guidelines for treating MS. Is there an MS neurologist at your hospital? I requested to see an MS neurologist as I was under the care of a general neurologist. I saw my GP and they wrote a letter to the MS neurologist. I am on Tecfidera.

There is currently a trial of RR MSers taking biotin (vitamin B7) to help recovery of optic neuritis and I wonder if this could help recovery with a VI nerve palsy too. There’s also a biotin trial for PP MSers.

I take a vitamin B complex with vitamin B12 daily. I also take thiamin (vitamin B1).

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Didn’t know it was rare, I’ve had that twice. Steroids IV both times. Didn’t rectify fully either time so had to have very unpleasant surgery to correct te double vision each time 1 year later from the relapse.

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