3 consecutive infections & Cog Fog

I’m on my 3rd infection since Boxing day. No infections for years and then 3 come at once!

My main difficulty is cognitive disorder & it has been so much worse this past 6/7 weeks but I wonder if this is because of the bombardment of infections. Can anyone give any info/advice?

In mid January I had a chest infection following influenza that began in December. The chest infection only cleared after a 2nd lot of anti b’s.

Within 72 hours of finishing them I developed a bladder infection, again 2 separate types of anti b’s to clear.

Last Friday a.m I woke with a raging sore throat. It was painful and I gargled frequently with salt water to ease the pain. On Saturday, I lost my voice entirely. Since then, I’ve had times of being able to talk (more like squeaks & breaks).

This evening, I had earrache in my right ear and, just to top it all, a flaming cold sore has appeared on my top lip!!

I had thought of letting the tonsilitis run its course and I don’t particularly want any more anti biotics.

I’m so fed up of either going to bed feeling rotten or waking up with another infection. This past couple of months I’ve felt like my usual Mrs Positive has gone into hiding and Mrs horrid Negative has taken over.

Constant infections are the pits :frowning:

I had a series of sinusitis episodes a few years back and it knocked me for six :frowning:

Maybe you need something really potent to kill it all off for good??? What does your GP say?

I hope you feel better soon.

Karen x

Hi Karen,

I haven’t seen my gp yet with this tonsilitis: a) info I read said should clear on it’s own, b) voice has gone so I can’t phone up for appt. c) felt too off side to walk to the surgery.

I live alone & my driving licence revoked on dx.

Trying to perk myself up as I feel so tired & knocked back. tbh, I know I’ve neglected a good healthy diet since Christmas because I haven’t got out to the shops to stock up regularly enough - 2 days of great food & 3 days of rubbish just doesn’t help does it?

Earrache in right ear has just started!

No voice and no option but the phone - that’s a right dilemma!

Can you send them an email? Get a neighbour to call for you?


Yes, I’ll get someone to phone gp tomorrow x