2 for 1 also small moan

Hi all, hope everyone is as well as they could be.

First one vertigo i can now get it when i am sitting on the toilet,it can get a bit messy as i need to lie down for it to pass over.[wife and i laughing and crying at the same time]

Second one coldness in feet and lower legs it feels like there is ice in my veins and nothing seems to heat them up,more blankets, hot water bottles nothing seems to work and it is painful.[any new ideas welcome]

Now my little moan.Profiles it would be a help when answering the posts if there was a little bit on there profiles,now with all the names it is hard sometimes to work out if it is a man or woman you are replying to.

Last one this site, when i scroll down to see who is on the site there is nobody on it not even me.Also i have lost the preview button.Why is this site having so many problems.Someone should loose there job.

That is it all for now moan over.

Take Care.



Sounds as if you need a seat-belt to secure you to the ‘loo’. Hope you have one of those frames around it to hold on to.

lts a good job you can both have a giggle about it though.


Hiya Chris,

Vertigo is dreadful, mine usually came on whilst trying to watch tv, or whilst walking in my garden, I managed to sleep until it went off, sometimes after days or weeks. TV was out as was going anywhere because I drive and didnt fancy seeing 3/4 of everything swimming about. Afraid its a case of waiting for it to go. there is some medication you can ask for or wait it through.

With the freezing cold feet, Ive worked out that you must never let them get cold at all. I wear socks all the time, keep the heating on when the temperature drops below 20oc (I know expensive) and never venture out unless Im thoroughly warmed through. Its a case of maintaining your bodily heat in any way you can as once cold youve found out its hard to thaw them out again, can take days.

Just to let you know also you are not alone. Sharing is caring. Hope all resolves as quickly as it came.

Luv bren


He there “You are not alone”

This year i,m saving up for a pair of Emu Slippers. I used to have a lovely old chappy that lived on my drive. I used to pop in to see if he was ok. His feet were always navyblue and cold. He had a pair that that made his feet feel nice and toastie, and lasted him untill he left this world behind him.

As for feeling dizzy when sat on the toilet. Ive no cure for that. Its getting there on time for me. Still if we can laugh at our selfes, i think laughter is the best medice we can have.

Merry christmas to you and your wife,

Jane x

Hi All,hope all is well with everone.

Thanks to all that replyed.

Jane,you are right laughter is a good medicine.

Bren,I am going to turn the heating up and worry about the cost in the New Year.

Campion or F [See what i mean about profile]not sure male or female.I forgot all about a frame but will get on to my OT on Monday,my wife says thanks to as she could now leave me holding the frame instead of her[she says i smell worse than a baby]

Take Care All.