2 down - a step nearer?

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Having been treated for 20 years for arthritis guess what I don’t have it. I suppose at least it is something to cross off the long list of things they have been looking at together with Lupus as I do not have that either. So two down goodness knows how many to go! Now waiting for neurophysiology to do their stuff then back to consultant in 8 weeks. At least at long last we seem to be moving forward. Blood tests still show low vit D and B12 and now told to take magnesium as well. Anyone any idea on what sort of dose of magnesium I should be looking at? Thank you forum members for keeping me going and preserving what little sanity I have!

Blimey, they don’t call it modern medicine for nothing, or do they?!?! LOL

Good news about the arthritis anyway but yes, all these shenanigans make you feel a bit overloaded don’t they! I had such awful tummy problems that I’m sure I ignored the first signs of MS as I just had too much on my plate :wink: I’m sure how much longer I would have carried on regardless as by the time I actually did see a neurologist, well I was very close to losing the plot the fortnight before it!

Take care Dinks

Sonia x

Thanks Sonia. Think my first symptoms were 1987. dismissed as carpal tunnel and given surgery for it and guess what - it didn’t work and I just got on with the pins and needles cos working fulltime with 2 kids under 3 it was easier to ignore. Things going downhill since then but each time symptoms dismissed as arthritis. New GP this year who listened and did referral as by that point chiropractor involved demanded it be investigated further. Trouble is most of us don’t like to bother the GP particularly as by the time we actually get an appointment the problem has eased or gone completely. I need to know a fortnight in advance that I am going to be ill to get an appointment!

Hi Dinky

My mum was also told you aerthritis about 20 years ago - and now she’s told no she doesn’t have arthritis! It all sounds v familiar. I hope you finally get some answers as to whats wrong



Hi Reemz - I sometimes think GPs look for the easy answer. I did think at the time it was strange that no tests, xrays or blood tests were done but I went with the flow. Not any more,I have waited long enough for them to tell me what it is not now I want to know what it is!

Dinks - I can’t believe you mentioned a chiropractor… my diagnosis really only came about after a visit to an osteopath!

I went to the osteo after a fall as I thought it was my hip and/or ankle causing the problem, I just couldn’t pick up my feet or even lock out my right leg sometimes. Bearing in mind I had a part-time job teaching classes at a gym, potentially dangerous classes if somethings’s unstable - it was not unusual for me to spend a few hours a week hanging around several foot off the ground, on a pole!

Anyway, the osteo wrote to my GP, I was referred to the spinal unit and from that came a spinal MRI… and here I am!

I truly hope you do get to the bottom of things, the fact you’ve even had surgery that was possbly needless is heart-breaking.

Fingers crossed that you have people behind you now that will get you some answers :slight_smile:

Sonia x