And so it begins ....

Hi there everyone I am a 33 year old mummy of an 8 yr old who is awaiting diagnosis, had symptoms for about 12 months gradually getting worse with each episode. Went to my GP today with my shopping list of things to tell him and low and behold I got an urgent refferral to rhematology (which reading on here is quite common), 7 xrays and 6 monnovettes (vials) of blood later I am left scratching my head. He actually told me this is all to rule out rhematoid athritis first as it’s easier to do this than get a conclusive diagosis of MS so I am told.

My symptoms are :

Joint pain

Muscle weakness

Being a clutz (some would argue this was there before lol)

pins and needles

photophobia (me no like bright lights)

muscle twitching … and many more besides … oh almost forgot memory problems !!!

I would just like to say this site is wonderful and without reading peoples posts on here I would not have the courage to go to my GP as I feel like I am going insane as my symptoms come and go and are interchangeable. All I can do is sit and wait for my telephone consultation in 2 weeks, which now feels like an age away so now I am stuck in limbo xx

The wait is awful. Not knowing what’s actually wrong with your body until someone says it’s X or Y, is just stress stress stress. GL with your consult hun xx

Thanks Kbar its only been 10 hours and I’m already climbing the walls … or at least I would if I were able!! Being on here has been a great help knowing that others are going through or have been through the same makes me feel less like I am losing the plot xx

Well I ended up at hospital yesterday since losing my balance over the weekend along with my appetite. I’m always putting things down and losing them but this is too much on top of everything else and I just want to scream!!! They were going to do a head ct but decided as it was busy to treat me with vestibular sedatives and send me home and stay of work a few days. Can’t really see it working but fingers crossed, X-rays and blood tests were negative for RA and am still waiting for my appointment with a rheumatologist, just want to give my family some answers are they are all very concerned. Ah well sorry for the winge xxx

Hello and welcome to the site.

as others have said, not knowing can be worse than knowing.

Our emotions can be all over the place, imagining the worst.

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll just feeling like I’m a fraud as when people ask me what’s up I just say I don’t know but I feel this n that. Ah well just keep plodding on until I get to the bottom of it xxx

Whatever it is, it’s obviously not what you want to be having. The process of diagnosis is a long roller coaster of a; have I, haven’t I.

I spent 6 months following the GBS web forum thinking I had that illness before I was diagnosed with MS and found this forum.

I think the best thing is to try and look after yourself as best you can and get as much rest as you can, that way if you get low about not knowing it shouldn’t seem quite so bad. Easy to say when my kids are a bit older, I know!

All the best,

Mr Sensible

Hi Its terrible not havin a diagnosis, mines is possible MR or MS, waitin for MRI, but i dont like to say that, as i get the same, but it might not be, then i sound like a hypocongriate(how eva u spell it) lol. So jus say im ill lol. V xx